Why You Need To Get An EHIC For Your Holiday

Anyone looking to travel to Europe should be aware that they need to carry a European Health Insurance Card with them when they travel. An EHIC card allows the card holder to have access to free or significantly cheaper medical care when travelling to countries under the EEA, and while what the card covers you for differs from country to country, it can certainly go a long way in ensuring that you are able to get seen to should you require needing medical attention whilst travelling. The EHIC UK card is easy to get hold of and we are here to ensure that you know everything you need to know about what its benefits are. Take a look…

What the EHIC covers

An EHIC card does not cover private medical expenses and is not an alternative to travel insurance, however it does mean that basic medical expenses are covered and it can waiver some of the fees you may incur when seeking medical treatment.

The EHIC is valid across many countries

The great thing about the European Health Insurance Card is that it is valid in all EEA countries as well as some other members such as Switzerland.

Everyone should have one

All UK citizens looking to travel to Europe should have their own EHIC card and this extends to children too. You can apply for an EHIC card on behalf of your child through exactly the same process as when you apply for your own.

They last for years

Once you happy applied for your card it is important to remember that it is valid for 5 years, which offers a great deal of security for a longer  period of time. While some of us only apply for a short term travel insurance policy, with an EHIC card you are able to remain covered for an extended period of time, which really takes the pressure off of having to keep organising one each time you want to go on holiday.

They are delivered quickly

One of the benefits of applying for or renewing your European Health Insurance Card is that the online application process is quick, easy and you are able to receive your card within 10 working days! This means that getting one in time for a last minute holiday is straightforward.

Don’t sweat it if you lose it!

Should you ever misplace your European Health Insurance Card, rest assured that it is easy to get it replaced. Simply call 0300 3301350 to get a new one sent your way!

Finally, it is important to remember that despite Brexit and the implications that it may have in the future of the EHIC, for now, the government has stated that you will still need to carry an EHIC with you for the next few years (at the very least). Invest in the health of your family while travelling and apply for your European Health Insurance Card as soon as possible.