Where to Enjoy Traditional British Fare in London

Whether visiting London for the first time or for the hundredth time, it is always a great delight to see establishments that have stood on the very same foundations for centuries. Many pubs and listed buildings hold a special interest to visitors as they are still the same as they had been, even though many have undergone renovations.

If you are looking for a bit of British tradition, the best way to do that is to enjoy food and drink in a setting that authenticates the experience. However, even ‘newer’ hotels and inns have rekindled an interest in everything traditional so if you are looking for authentic, traditional British fare, London is the place to be.

Traditional Afternoon Tea

Starting with one of London’s most popular hotels, the Landmark London Hotel is relatively new in terms of history. Being a mere 121 years old, the building is quite young compared to many historic sites, but as a 5 star hotel with amazing culinary treats, this is one place you will certainly want to visit. Hosting a traditional afternoon tea in London in the Winter Garden Restaurant, visitors and London residents alike flock here by the scores. Here you can delight in sandwiches, scones and a nice assortment of French pastries whilst sitting in a glass-roofed atrium dining room. If you are looking for elegant English fare, Afternoon Tea in London is where you’ll find it.

Classic Historic Pubs

Bearing in mind that there are literally hundreds and hundreds of listed buildings in the Greater London Metropolitan Area, finding a classic historic pub might be overwhelming as there are so many of them. However, one that stands out amidst the most popular is The Ship Tavern. Established more than 450 years ago, this is where you’ll have a great time toasting your mug of ale in the spirited tradition of seafarers. For those who are passionate about traditional ale, The Ship Tavern has amazing award winning casks, six of them to be exact!

Open Market Street Fare

However, what would traditional British fare be without street fare? One of the most popular street booths is the Spit & Roast found in four locations:

  • Brockley Market
  • Kerb Gherkin
  • Kerb Spitalfields
  • Kerb King’s Cross

Whilst traditionally spit-roasted chicken is the main attraction, from time to time you will find jerk pork on the menu as it, too, has become a more modern traditional favourite.

So then, bask in luxury in a 5 star posh hotel or wander about with market crowds for traditional English street fare. There is so much history packed into the cuisine in the nation’s capital that you will want to come back time and again to explore the many traditional dishes that are what English cuisine is all about. A short journey out of the capital, you will find great Basingstoke Restaurants offering great food and even rooms for the those looking to stay in the area. In a city as old as London and with an extensive history in the culinary arts, you will not want for delightfully delicious culinary experiences. From traditional Welsh rarebit and Beef Wellington to scones and pasties, you can literally eat your way through the city and still never taste it all.