Where can you get the best deals on your travel gadgets?

Traveling is becoming more and more easier with the latest tech and gadgets being accessible for the public. The latest travel gadgets are designed to make your trips easier and way more fun. Regardless if your backpacking or taking in the rays down the glorious beach.  These gadgets are just too fun to miss; they will add extra convenience to your experiences whilst others will open new realms for the world of technology. They can be smart tools that have forever changed the way we experience the world and throughout your travels they can be life-savers, but with that said they might come at a cost, which is what this list is for. This guide will work like http://www.cost.co.uk/ in regards to finding the best prices, so you can be fully prepared whilst traveling.

Here are a look at some of the coolest travel gadgets and where to find the best deals for them:

Aukey 20,000mAh Portable External Battery Charger

Batteries on most mobile device can become an everlasting battle, yet with this high capacity power bank powered by a 20,000mAh lithium polymer battery, you’ll never face seeing your mobile device shut down ever again. It will produce enough emergency back-up power to charge an iPhone 10 times over. It’s only priced at £16 which is very cheap for the capacity it offers and also has two USB ports for different output levels so you can charge to devices at a time. It can be found on most online websites with the price staying pretty much the same.

Bluetooth speakers and headphones

No holiday is complete without music. Music is perfect for chilling on the beach, music for getting ready at night and music because there’s much else to do on a plane. Also combined with a speaker too, if you see yourself camping, than this is a good choice for a device and the best place to pick this up is at Amazon for £19.99 which is a great bargain if you consider how much entertainment it can provide.

Joby GorillaPod

Camera equipment can be tricky and too heavy to carry around safely, which is why this device is perfect for these trigger happy photographers. It is light, fordable, great value for money and well-designed, which is evident with its tentacle legs providing stability on rocky, uneven ground and it also can wrap around trees! This tripod is a solid solution for capturing all those incredible sunrises and sunsets on your travels. It can be grabbed at a reasonable price for roughly £20 on most online sites.

KNOMO boarding tote and clutch bag

KNOMO is a practical travel accessories primarily aimed at women. It’s a stylish laptop bag combined with a trolley that makes it the perfect cabin bag. It’s light enough for a daily commute, and has wheels in case you’re hauling it more than a few yards at a time, but comfortably swallows laptops and tablets up to 15″. The best price going for this at the moment is £249 that both for the Sedley and Elektronista.


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