When to Book a Hotel: 6 Key Tips for Picking a Good Hotel Online

Are you ready to get out of town and see something new? Planning your next vacation can be a lot of fun but choosing all the details, especially the hotel, can be a little daunting. Don’t worry, we’ve got all the tips you need for choosing where to stay so your planning can be fun and stress-free.

Keep reading to learn when to book a hotel that meets all your criteria for an enjoyable vacation.

1. Know What You Need

When looking at hotels online you need to know what is most important to you in accommodations. Start by making a list of all the things that you need to make sure you have a good night. If you are planning on being there for an extended amount of time, make sure you write down what you will need day-to-day before you start looking.
For example, would you like a free breakfast before starting your day exploring and sightseeing, or are you planning on eating each meal while you are out? Do you want to splurge and book a luxury hotel or find something more affordable?

Will you be spending a lot of time outside of the room and don’t need anything fancy? Do you want somewhere that has a pool or sauna you can enjoy during the day?

Once you have a list of things that are important to you and you require during your stay you can start searching based on your budget, the location of the hotel, and their basic amenities.

2. Pay Close Attention to Amenities

There are four amenities that are the most important for you to have a good stay. These are air conditioning, access to WiFi, parking, and breakfast. Find out if they are free or if there is a cost associated with it. When determining your travel budget it will be helpful to know if you will have to pay for parking or if there is a limit on the WiFi before being charged.

When checking the website the hotel might have the amenities listed, but this doesn’t always mean they are free. Be sure to call and ask what the fee is and also inquire about where the parking is located. If you are renting a car to travel around you should know if the hotel has local parking or if you will have to use a third-party garage located in the area.

3. Location Is Key

When you are traveling it is all about the location. If you book a hotel without knowing what its location is in relation to the city you are seeing you might make a big mistake. The website might describe its location as within distance of the main attraction you are planning on seeing and you might assume that means it’s within walking distance.

What it might actually mean is that you have to walk to the nearest subway station or find a cab to take you to the attractions. This can add time to your day and give you less time to enjoy your plans.

Before choosing the hotel take a look at the location on a map and see how close it is to the things you want to see. Some travel time around the city is to be expected, you just don’t want to be too far outside the area you want to be.

4. Read Reviews

One of the best parts of booking a hotel online is the ability to read reviews from others who have also stayed there. When reading through the reviews focus on the ones that have been written in the last year. This will give you a more accurate depiction of what to expect when you arrive.

A hotel might have had glowing reviews for it three to five years ago but a lot can change in that amount of time. The hotel might be running under new management, the decor can be dated now, or the food is no longer great. Or it may have been struggling back then and they have spent time updating and improving it over the years. You shouldn’t be swayed by any positive or negative reviews that have taken place outside of the last year leading up to your vacation.

5. Use a Good Website

When looking for hotels you can use the individual website for the hotel for the booking or compare it against other hotels by using booking websites. This is a great way to see what the hotels have for amenities, rates comparisons, and guest reviews.

For instance, when looking at different Umrah packages you can look through all the different options that the area has to offer on one great website. Once you have determined which hotel works best for you, you can also look at the hotel’s website for a more detailed look at the hotel’s policies and the different amenities they offer.

6. Learn the Main Clientele

Different hotels attract different types of clientele. There could be families, couples, business or solo travelers, or backpackers. Before you book the hotel you should learn what kind of travelers tend to frequent it.

You can learn this by reading the reviews and see who is commenting or find out what the traveler type is by looking online. This is important if you are planning on traveling with your family and want something that is kid-friendly. If you are looking for a quiet getaway then a hotel that is popular with couples, solo, or business travelers would be a better option for you.

Learn More About When to Book a Hotel Today

These are some great ways to know when to book a hotel that is perfect for you and your vacation. If you do your research, read recent reviews, and know what your personal needs are, you can’t go wrong! Where are you excited to travel to next?

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