Visit Las Vegas and live your best life

Las Vegas is the city where is everything is possible. These are not just words – this place can offer you its own ‘world’, in which you can find and try anything you have been craving. You will not be disappointed by choosing this city on your list of traveling variants.

Gambling options diversity

Since the 19th century, this city has embodies the gambling world, excitement, and thrilling emotions.

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The biggest land-based casinos in Las Vegas are:

  • The Red Rock Casino. The Red Rock Casino is simultaneously a casino and fashionable resort. It is one of the most attractive casinos in Las Vegas. The casino has thousands of slot machines, dozens of tables for various types of card games.
  • The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. This casino is the newest gambling building in the city. It involves a massive number of gaming machines – 83 different gaming tables will meet anyone’s needs, even the most fastidious gambler.
  • Aria Resort & Casino. 145 tables, a fantastic 24-hour poker room, and 1900 slot machines occupy its vast territory. There is definitely a lot to choose from.

These are just several options to try. You must see it yourself and pick a suitable one.

Dancing Fountains

You can take a break from the scorning heat nearby the dancing fountains at the Bellagio Hotel. This show is one of the main attractions of Las Vegas. During the performance, the water streams rise to the music to a height of 152 meters. They also ‘swing’ simultaneously with the music, that is, dance and the sound of the water mixes with the voices of Pavarotti, Bocelli, and Sinatra. The fountain show needs to be seen from different locations – from the ground, standing directly in front of them, and from above, sitting in a restaurant or just standing on the balcony of the hotels in the district.

dancing fountains

Siegfried & Roy’s Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat

For those who admire nature, scenery, and animals, the complex welcomes its visitors from its very doorway with tropical palm trees, exotic flowers, and waterfalls.

There inhabit white lions and white tigers, panthers, and leopards. Then you have a chance to meet flamingos and hummingbirds and then walk along with the pool where dolphins and tropical fish are. Here dolphins frolic and play in conditions that are as close as possible to natural ones. That is, a real coral reef and sand raised from the bottom of the ocean. The main attraction of the hotel is its artificial volcano, the ‘eruption’ of which is accompanied by music.

 The Fremont Street Experience

On Fremont Street, the former main street of Las Vegas located the unique cinema. It has a giant screen 460 meters long. It consists of 12 million LED displays controlled by 10 computers. The screen shows films, excerpts from show programs that take place in the casino of Las Vegas, and celebrities’ performances. In fact, this is a dome-shaped roof over the street on which advertisements and various videos are projected.

Having visited these places, you will get only positive vibes, and pleasant memories will replenish your traveling experience collection.


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