Using Technology for Good: 5 Apps to Boost Your Camping Adventure

Let’s face it – technology runs our life. There are 6.8 billion cell phone subscriptions in the world, and even when we’re offline, we’re online. However, is that necessarily a bad thing? Many people go camping or hiking to become one with nature and get away from technology and their overly connected lives. However, your cell phone could be a major survival tool that can not only help you survive the great outdoors, but make it even more interesting. Next time you’re out in the wild, check out these great camping apps to help you on your outdoor adventure.

Find My Tent

If you’re a hunter, you probably know everything about hunting tents, guns, and gear already. You’ll know that only the best quality equipment will allow you to have a successful hunting trip, this includes everything from the weapons and kit you use to shoot with, like always making sure you use the best binocular for hunting, and what you go to sleep in at the end of the day.
However, sometimes you get distracted while you’re out, and forget the most basic thing – the location of your tent. Well, that’s exactly what Find My Tent is for. Before exploring the area around your campsite, save the location of your tent in the app. That way, you can always return home.

Whether you are up in a mountain taking in the views or game hunting in Australia, thinking about your necessities and location is vital.

Maps 3D Pro

Another app that can help you track your hike and exploration route is the Maps 3D Pro. The app allows you to download free maps onto your phone for off-line access in case you find yourself in an area with little coverage. It has eleven map types and can show you hiking trails, ski trails, and port or transportation information in your area.


Imagine an app that allows you to search for treasure just like an early pioneer, or even a pirate. That app, is called Geocaching. Users of the app will hide a physical treasure somewhere in the wild for other users to find. Then, other users can use the GPS features of the phone to locate the hidden treasure. With millions of treasures to seek, Geocaching is a great way to spend some time in the wild with your family and friends.


Are you an explorer that wants to learn more about the identification of plants? Well this app is just for you. Leafsnap was created by Colombia University, University of Maryland, and the Smithsonian Institute as a visual recognition software that helps you identify a species of plant. Simply snap a photo of a leaf, fruit, flower, or tree bark and the app will tell you exactly what type of plant you’re facing. It could save you from the dangerous flora out there in the wild.

SAS Survival Guide

Developed by a former British Special Air Service soldier, SAS Survival Guide has everything you need to survive a night in the great outdoors. The app comes with a morse code signalling device, images of animal tracks and knots, a survival checklist, a compass, and videos to guide you along your adventure.

Next time you go on an outdoors adventure, don’t shut off your phone completely. Check out one of these apps to increase your experience and keep you safe.

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