Unforgettable places in Chicago

Adler Planetarium

It is the oldest operating planetarium. In 1930, it was the first to be discovered in the Western Hemisphere. But despite its venerable age, Adler Planetarium is quite modern. In addition to “Star Show”, during which the visitors are told about the origin of the universe, the movement of the planets and other space mysteries, there are several noteworthy exhibitions. Go look at the Galaxy Wall – a giant, full-length, detailed map of our galaxy, which is the embodiment of the application of all the known objects in the Milky Way.

Ohio street beach

Chicago 2

If you’re in Chicago during the summer months, this beach is worth a look at least for the sake of an unusual experience of sunbathing next to skyscrapers. The sand is fine, water of the Lake Michigan is quite pure, the beach has showers and changing rooms on the shores of vigilant lifeguards are on duty. Thanks to the nearby breakwater big waves do not reach the beach. Chicagoans are convinced that blue water and soft sand make town beach not inferior to the famous resorts

“Magnificent mile”

Chicago 3

This is the main shopping street of Chicago, which was rated one of the best places for shopping along with Fifth Avenue or Rodeo Drive. The density of department stores and boutiques is unthinkable. Call any international brand, any eminent designer, any fashion trend and do not doubt that you will find it at the «Mag Mile». Shoes by Marc Jacobs, Kate Spade handbags and Louis Vuitton, underwear and nightgowns by La Perla and Agent Provocateur, Tiffany & Co jewelry, Burberry coats, watches by Cartier – all items of clothing and accessories that have ever been proclaimed cult are here. Here are the big department stores of the luxury network Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom, Barneys, Bloomingdale’s.

In late July – early August on the Mag Mile a unique shopping festival is organized, and in the season of winter sales the turnover of stores on a single street reaches millions of dollars.

McDonald’s Museum

Chicago 4McDonald’s Museum is located in the Chicago suburb called Des Plaines. This 1955 diner sample is  not historical bur recreated – the original restaurant was demolished back in the mid-1980s. Then the owners came around and decided that it would be nice to get a corporate attraction. Now here you can see the old equipment, mixers for milkshakes and barrels, with which Coca-Cola was poured. Employees of the diner (back then, only men worked at McDonald’s ) are replaced with mannequins dressed in uniforms of the fifties. A visit to the museum is free of charge! And, on the other hand, here is also a real modern McDonald’s where you can have a snack, if the museum whets your appetite for hamburgers and French fries.

Skyscrapers at the waterfront

Chicago 5

The entire architecture of the waterfront of the river in full view right here at the waterfront! Mirror facades of modern skyscrapers are mixed with the old spired buildings. A huge centennial Skyscraper Tribune Tower (435 North Michigan Avenue), where is the famous edition of the newspaper Chicago Tribune, is easily recognized by its Gothic tower. A polished and gleaming Trump Tower (named after the American billionaire), is the second tallest skyscraper in the United States, gimlets the heaven with its silver needle (401 North Wabash Avenue).

Walking around Chicago, people are constantly amazed at how beautiful and comfortable living space can be created even close to the skyscrapers, if you approach the matter with the mind.

Multi-storey car parks are reaching out for the beautiful sky like giant honeycombs. At the intersection of West Wacker Drive and North Lasalle Drive, you can see Chicago Board of Trade Building. This edifice once had to become part of the fictional city of Gotham — the  blockbuster “Batman” was once filmed there(skyscraper address – 141 West Jackson Blvd).

A walk along the promenade can be replaced with a water tour on the river taxi or boat, combined with a story about the sights ($ 25-35 for 90 minutes)!

The Buddy Guy club

Chicago 6

Have your dinner at home of Chicago blues, where you will hear the sound of electric guitar, harmonica, and saxophone. For example, a club of the famous musician Buddy Guy is always cramped and smoky, but has an extremely nice restaurant where they serve crayfish drenched in the sauce, chicken wings and catfish meat, in addition, new musicians perform every day on stage!

Randolph market 

Chicago 7

Eight months a year in the building of the Plambers Hall, there is a Randolph market. Antique dealers exhibit their products here – from sports awards up gramophones. Due to the reputation of Chicago. There is an increased demand on all that is associated with jazz and mafia. Here you can buy everything from a collection of baseball cards or research papers up to the Persian carpet. Of particular note, there is the part of the market, where young local designers sell their hand-made stuff. It is important to remember that in December and January, as well as the October and April, the market does not work.