UK Holiday Makers Lease Likely to Tip Taxi Drivers and Housekeeping Staff

In a recent piece of research by a UK-based online travel agency, it was found that just 12% of British people will tip housekeeping staff at the accommodation in which they stay when they go on a holiday abroad. It also found that just 14% will give taxi drivers a tip. The research also showed that over a third of British people who travel abroad for their holiday will not leave any kind of tip anywhere. This could mean that tipping is no longer the norm.

A UK based online travel agency has been completing a number of pieces of research on the behaviour of British people when they are on holiday. As part of this research, they looked more specifically at how holiday makers spend their money, particularly how they tip. This research proved to be particularly interesting, demonstrating which types of people British people will most commonly tip when they are on a holiday abroad. It also looked at how attitudes towards tipping, a very tradition custom, are changing.

The research was completed by Some 2,164 people were polled, all of whom were over the age of 18 and who were from a geographical cross-section of the country. All participants had been abroad on holiday in the past years. Half of all respondents were male, the other half were female/ A number of different questions were asked, including about the tips they did and didn’t leave, and for what type of professionals they did – or did not – leave tips.

UK taxi driver

Participants were presented with a list of different professionals they were likely to have come across when on holiday. They were then asked whether, if they did encounter them, the left them any staff. The percentage of people who said they tipped specific professionals is below:

  1. 65% tipped waiting staff
  2. 41% tipped bar staff
  3. 33% tipped porters
  4. 28% tipped pool staff
  5. 25% tipped room service
  6. 21% tipped holiday representatives
  7. 18% tipped tour guides
  8. 15% tipped staff providing childcare facilities
  9. 14% tipped taxi drivers
  10. 12% tipped housekeeping staff

34% of all those who took part in the study stated that they didn’t give any tips to any staff members they encountered. They were asked why, and 64% chose the answer option ‘I shouldn’t have to top someone when they’re paid to do their job’. A further 11% of them said that they simply forgot to tip. Finally, 8% were attempting to ‘save money’ by not providing a tip.

People who did indicate that they left tips were then asked to give a figure of how much they spent on tipping during their entire holiday. An average figure was then calculated using all the answers, and it was found that an average of £56 was spent during a seven night holiday.

It was also found that the most frequent and generous tippers were those who reside in the South East of the United Kingdom. The least likely to tip, by contrast, were those residing in the Yorkshire and Humberside region of the country.

Managing Director of, Chris Clarkson, Managing Director of, stated that:

Tipping is a hotly debated topic. Some people disagree with the custom entirely, whilst others think it’s very rude not to show your appreciation for a service with some loose change. It’s worth checking out the local tipping etiquette of the country you’re visiting before you go, which you can normally find online, so that you don’t end up in any embarrassing situations or offending any staff!


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