Travelling Abroad and your Health!

Are you planning to go to abroad, so firstly you need to get in touch with your physician before leaving the place. It is because at the time of travel most people can experience various kinds of health issues, or they cannot adjust to the atmosphere of other countries. Hence, it is important to prevent yourself any problem while travelling. There is no doubt that health is most crucial, but if you want to entertain while traveling, you can play games at It could be only done if you are healthy while travelling. So, if you are not healthy, all you will need is medical help and not any fun or adventurous activity.

You must get in touch with your doctor or travel medicine clinic before starting your journey. The main intention behind the medical check-up before the trip is-

  • You can have some common ailment that may be placid in nature, but that will upset your entire journey.
  • There is a possibility that you may suffer from some diseases that may be severe or even deadly.

The necessary things to have in your travel first aid kit

  • You should carry some prescribed medicine with you at the time of travelling to prevent any health issues.
  • Take some medicines to cure minor sickness like headache, motion illness, head cold and indigestion.
  • Keep sunscreen lotion with you that can be used to cure sunburn.
  • You should carry some pest repellents.
  • Add bandages, tape, thermometer, and tweezers in your medical kit in case of any emergency

Important things to remember if you are travelling with children

If children are also coming with you on the trip then keep them up to date on routine immunizations which include mumps, measles, rubella, polio, hepatitis B, tetanus, diphtheria, and chickenpox or shingles. However, there are some Travel vaccinations that are given to the children. Children are a very easy target to get the disease, and very common disease is diarrhoea because so much ends up in their mouths, and they can effortlessly become dehydrated. That’s why you have to make sure that your child has lots of liquids, and also you can add an oral rehydration to your medical kit.

Children get easily attached to animals, and that is the reason they get bitten by them and these small bite injuries take a form of infection, and so it convey rabies. Hence, you have to stay your children away from contact of animals.

Safety measures of eating and drinking while travelling

  • Avoid dinking infectious water in a rising country.
  • You can prefer to take boiled water and drinks which is made from boiled water.
  • You can take alcohol in limited quantity as the consumption of it is safe.
  • Foods that you can peel yourself like bananas or oranges can be taken.
  • You should intake hot and well-cooked foods.
  • The consumption of food that is washed in infected water may have some bacteria so that you should be aware about that.

Get vaccinated before travelling

If you are going to travel some places in abroad, then you first need to be careful about your health issues. Many a times it happens that people get suffered at the time of travelling so that it is very important to check out the specific immunization recommended for travel to that specific region before start the travelling. You should also check your immune system before going anywhere so that the risk of being sick can be ignored.

It will be good to take an appointment with your doctor or travel vaccinations clinic before 4 to 6 week of your international tour. Early check-up of your immunizations will be better to guard yourself because your body needs proper time to construct the resistance once getting a vaccine because in various cases many vaccines are given in a series over time.

Important Safety Measures

By following some simple instructions, you can make your journey easy-

  • Proper planning: visit you doctor a month before starting the journey so that you can get vaccines in time.
  • Get the right suggestion: before going abroad check all the details about that place and necessary information about suggested immunization for specific countries, and you can get all these information on internet.
  • Give all the details: when you visit a doctor then you need to tell them all the information about the place where you are planning to go as well as tell your medical history so that it will be easy for him to give you accurate vaccines.
  • Shop around: if you are aware about what vaccines you need then you can buy them only from an authorized clinic which is nearby your location.
  • Stay careful: you do not need to be over confident about your health even if you have been vaccinated. Just be vigilant and take the necessary safety measures to put off sickness from food, water, insects and animals. For example, if you want to protect yourself from malaria then you should avoid being bitten by mosquitoes.
  • Take the medical kit with you: you should carry a medical kit including sterile needles and dressings with yourself at the time of travelling.