Travel the World: Best Apps While Traveling with Smartphone

Gone are the times when we used our phones only to call or send text messages to our friends and relatives. Nowadays, we can use our smartphones to work, play games, watch videos, and chat with our friends and also, to… travel. With endless of available apps, it is now easier than ever before to book your flight, navigate in an overcrowded foreign city or to find a hotel, which offers services you want. Having a rechargeable phone with service providers such as is also good for your safety and orientation especially when traveling to countries with phone companies that sometimes are not as stable and reliable. This article is focused on the 5 best apps that should be used by every traveler throughout the world!

Kayak – You Won´t Miss Your Flight

Kayak is a highly rated app for flight booking and tracking which will help you to find the most reliable, cheap and safe flight to any place in the world. You can easily create your travel plan with this app and beside that it also provides important information about flight status, gate changes and baggage claim alerts. The flight tracker will tell you if you’re arriving early or late and you can even track your family or friends to see that they are OK!

Waze – You Will Always Find the Way

With the largest community driven navigation software, traveling will be without any unwanted surprises. The program provides routing to every place in the world and gives helpful information about accidents, traffic jams, police traps etc. You can also save some money since the app also identifies and marks the cheapest fuel station in the area.

Airbnb – You Will not Sleep on the Street

With the Airbnb app you don’t have to be concerned about the accommodation. This community app is a marketplace where you can find a suitable accommodation for your trip offered by other people. You can easily check it via your phone, so you don’t have to be afraid if the hotel you wanted to stay in doesn’t have a room for you.

Google Translate – You Will Understand

It is very important to understand what people tell you, especially when you travel into a foreign country. With this app you don’t have to be afraid that there could be any misunderstanding since it knows 103 languages and it is always ready to translate for you.

TripCase – You Will Organize Every Step

The last but not least of the best apps is the TripCase. This app will help you to create a well-arranged itinerary of every aspect of your travel – being it a trip, flight, hotel booking or car reservations. You don’t have to be afraid that you would forget anything – all will be saved on one place in one app.

There are countless apps in the online markets and those mentioned in the article are only the most favorite and the most reliable of them. Everybody is different and everybody has different preferences so don’t be afraid of experiments and try the combination that suits you best. One thing is true – most travel apps definitely can make traveling much easier, so why don’t you use your rechargeable phone and travel without worries?


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