All You Need to Know About Travel Insurance

Sorting your travel insurance is just as important as getting your flights and hotelcbooked and sorting your parking, with companies such as liverpool airport parking. It is essential for soon-to-be travellers to have the right travel insurance cover before they go on holiday trips. Although many people have heard about travel insurance, it is a limited number that knows what is entailed in the policy and why they need it. Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions that many people have regarding travel insurance:

What is Travel Insurance?

The cost of your travel insurance policy will depend on where you are travelling to, your age, the type of cover you choose and who your provider is.  At the bare minimum, you should take out a basics policies that covers you for a high level of emergency medical expenses. If you want to get more bang for your buck, using a comparison site like


Why is Travel Insurance necessary?

You should buy a travel insurance protection cover from a reputable company such as One Sure Insurance. if you intend on going for a trip. The insurance cover will provide you with the necessary protection while on your trip. For example, when you are travelling, and you have an accident, your travel insurance cover provider will help you with the financial coverage required for treatment or any financial losses that arise from the incident.

What is covered in a Travel Insurance Policy?

The coverage for travel insurance usually differs from one insurer to the other. However, most of these policies cover loss of funds due to trip interruptions, medical costs in case of accidents or emergencies, and many other things. The most important thing is ensuring that you are aware what is covered and what is not before you buy a travel insurance policy from any provider.

What is the cost of Travel Insurance?

The cost of your travel insurance policy will depend on who your provider is and what they will cover. Most travel insurance covers can cost up to about 12 percent of the total cost of the trip.

Do most Travel insurance Providers pay claims?

Out of all people that get travel insurance cover, about 10 percent of them file claims. The insurance providers pay the claims as long as they are valid ones. Before you buy travel insurance, you should make sure you know the process of filing a claim and how long it should take to be paid.

What medical care coverage is offered in Travel Insurance?

Say you are injured or fall sick during your trip/vacation, most travel insurance providers will cover the costs for transporting you to a medical center and the treatment. This may also include the cost of taking you back home; this option is not offered by all providers.

Can business trips be covered under Travel Insurance?

This is something that depends with your insurance provider. Most of the providers will award travel insurance for business trips; however, the insurance coverage is totally different from the standard travel insurance.

What is the length of the travel insurance coverage?

Insurance providers offer different coverage length periods for individuals who what travel cover. Most of these providers can sell you a cover for 2 weeks or even 1 year.

When should I buy travel insurance cover?

You should ensure that you buy a travel insurance cover before you go or your trip/vacation. You should also make sure that the cover is active by the time you are going on the trip.

Where can I get it?

There are numerous options to get travel insurance on line however one that we do recommend for UK customers is with Bupa Travel Insurance who cover Single Trip, Multi Trip and also great Backpacker and Multi-Trip insurance. We suggest using an online search engine to find other insurance policies!

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