Top Tips for Stress Free Business Trips to London

Graybit Around the World RTW -Travel family vacation fun stuff to do-Gatwick airportAs an aspiring businessperson, the thought of traveling as part of work fills people with a sense of excitement – that is, until their personal circumstances change, they gain more responsibilities and have to say goodbye to their family week in, week out.

It depends how you look at it, but business travel can either be a perk or a curse. Either way, if you want to build on your career, it has to be done. The key to success is to try and keep the travel hours as stress-free as possible. Jetsetting around the world is tiring work, and when the meetings and conferences are done, the remaining hours can be incredibly boring ones too.

While travelling alone can be a little daunting, you need to keep your spirits high if you are to succeed. There’s some great tips to help your transition from homebody to globetrotter as easy as possible.

If you’re travelling from London, a stay at Gatwick airport hotel the night before will help take the weight off your shoulders for a while. Rushing around on the morning of your flight, making sure you have packed everything and haven’t forgotten your passport can raise the blood pressure before you’ve even walked out of your front door. Travelling is a tiring activity and airport hotels can be an absolute godsend to help ease this. Facilities are basic, but you will everything you need to be comfortable the night before. Enjoy a bath, catch up with emails or Skype your kids before they go to bed – it’s all available for you. Relax in a comfortable bed before awaking the next morning and travelling the short distance to the departure lounge – it’s that simple.

Keep a travel bag separate all the time so that you don’t need to worry about packing everything the night before. A wash bag with all the essentials, changes of clothes and your passport, all in one place ready to go, can be really helpful to keep any stress at bay.

Try and avoid checking in hold baggage. If you’re only traveling for a few days, chances are you won’t need a suitcase. You can often fit a substantial amount into a cabin bag if you utilize the space properly. Take note of the maximum dimensions and the allowance the aircraft allows. On the day of departure, or the night before if you choose to stay at Gatwick airport hotel, just pop your clothes into the bag and you’re ready to fly.

Be sensible about what clothes you take. Chances are, you won’t need much other than business clothes. If you do have chance to explore a little, take some casual clothes or a change of top to go with the same trousers.

Your diet and exercise regime will undoubtedly be affected during your stints of business travel. Try and continue to eat healthily rather than gorging on fast foods and take some snack bars, or similar, in your bag so that even if you’re in a rush, you can eat.

Make the most of your spare time to unwind and relax and business travel will be a breeze.

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