Top Destinations for Bachelors

Graybit Around the World RTW -Travel family vacation fun stuff to do Bachelors partyDo you travel for fun or for love? Some men travel all over the world not only to enjoy the attractions in each country, but also to find their soul mate. Being a bachelor gives you the freedom to meet women, but dating can be tiring too. Most single men long to have someone who they can spend their lives with and build wonderful memories together. Men usually look for beautiful women because physical attraction is important for them. If you are in search of that, then check our list below.


What makes a girl attractive? Aside from being drop-dead gorgeous, she should also be smart and good with her hands. It is a plus factor if a girl can play poker really well (or other games, like uudet kasinot for instance) and Canada has some of the most beautiful female poker players in the world including Isabelle Mercier of Quebec and Evelyn Ng of Toronto. Don’t be intimidated by these women, instead hone your poker skills by playing online. You can even play real money pai gow poker
online and improve your skills on different types of poker, that’ll really impress the ladies. Playing from the comfort of your own home means that if you lose, there’s no one around to see it and you can save face. Plus, even if you choose to play poker online just for fun, winning any cash prize will be a bonus! You never know if you don’t give it a go. It could be as easy as doing a quick google search into something like domino qq online to get started. One day, you might be a pro at this.

There are many internet poker providers including partypoker that offer tutorials and other features that can improve a player’s game. Even if you’re in a country like Japan, there are sites online where you can enjoy Texas Hold’em,which is known as テキサスホールデム 2019, mostly. Before joining the live tournaments, you can practice online until you are confident enough to beat the high-rollers. You can also go to the virtual lounge where you can chat with other players and maybe meet someone. There is a bigger chance of dating a fit girl in Canada because the obesity rate is half of the percentage in the United States. Canadian girls are diverse because of their multicultural influences where women often have mixed ethnicity.

Graybit Around the World RTW -Travel family vacation fun stuff to do Bachelors party poker


Are you into blonde and blue-eyed girls? Then pack your bags and fly to Denmark where you can find many gorgeous women with blonde hair and blue eyes. A perfect example of this Scandinavian beauty is professional tennis player Caroline Wozniacki and beauty queen Betina Faurbye. They got that girl-next-door look that most men adore because they are simple and friendly. Being with a Danish girl is like taking a bite of a Danish pastry – sweet and comforting.


Venezuela may have the most number of winners in the Miss Universe pageant, but its neighboring country Colombia in South America has some of the prettiest women in the world. Colombian women are actually too beautiful to join a beauty pageant, that’s why they dominate the modeling world more with big names like Carla Ossa, Karen Carreno, and Manuela Arbelaez. Head to one of the beaches of Colombia such as Taganga where you can spot a lot of beautiful Latinas.

South Korea
Did you catch the K-pop fever? Visit South Korea to get up close with those pretty Asian chicks that you only see on Korean drama series and rom-com films. Some of the most beautiful Asian women can be found in South Korea including K-pop all-girl groups Wonder Girls and 2NE1. They are adorable, talented, and fashionable.


Are you fond of the English lifestyle? You should have no trouble finding a charming date while taking in the rich culture of London. If you’re having trouble meeting new people, then check out this London dating site. There are plenty of women available who are familiar with the city, so why not explore this area with a date? Though there is an abundance of exhilarating activities, the night life is far more enjoyable when you have some company. After all, you owe it to yourself to have some fun while visiting the United Kingdom.

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