Top 5 Wellness Retreat in South America on Family Vacation

Hello, Patriarch! Have you got a really long vacation coming up? Have you planned the vacation already? If yes, we are pretty sure that you will make huge changes to the plan by the time you finish reading this article.

In the greedy race of accumulating money, we always forget to care for our health. There are so many things we can do to ensure our health is maintained, whether that be an increase in exercise, a healthier diet, taking some time out of your day for yourself or looking into some quality supplements like this plasma quinton that detoxifies the body, supports normal digestion and keeps the immune system alert. However, perhaps what you really need is to get away on a wellness retreat. If the Truth should be told, all the money you have accumulated or rather earned by punishing your body will be used only for paying your hospital bills. So during this holiday, throw away the stupid Smartphone, burn the laptop and demolish the PlayStation. Switch to a healthier lifestyle, eat healthy food, listen to the voice of winds and become a part of Nature again. There are a lot of Wellness Resorts which help you to switch to a healthy lifestyle. There are also a lot of wellness remedies that can be taken/used to help give you a healthier outlook on life – medical marijuana for instance. Click here to learn more about this avenue in wellness and see how other people have responded to using this in their day to day lives.

Get ready to get your Over-Stressed body repaired from the Top Wellness Retreats of South America.

1. Canal Om, Valparaiso

Pack up your tank tops for yoga and get ready to head to this wellness Retreat of Chile, it tops the list of best wellness retreats in South America. Located between the Andes and South Pacific, this gorgeous location has got everything you need to repair your body. Everything from yoga which heals your mind to Archery which helps you concentrate, you name it and they have it. They have got professional instructors too to make the transition smooth and effective.

2. The Island Experience, Ilha Grande

Situated in the largest country of South America, The Island Experience is equipped with facilities for Spa, Yoga fitness program, Sea Kayaking, Snorkeling, and hiking too. The Island Experience also offers a 7-day detox program. They also help you try your luck at different sports. They also offer nutritious and delicious food with a perfect blend of Brazilian spices and it makes the transition tasty too.

3. Gitana Del Mar Boutique Beach Resort

The Colombian retreat is a private beach giving you a lot of private time with your family away from the awkward noises of the city. They offer programs in Yoga and their package includes Free Food along with your accommodation.

4. Willka T’ika Guest House, Peru

The WillkaT’ika Guest House situated near the heavenly Machu Picchu is a popular retreat in the country. Nothing cures your mind and body like Yoga. This retreat offers various therapies using Yoga and they have instructors who are unmatched on their skills. The interiors, the furniture, the drapes everything has been handpicked and gives you a soothing experience.

5. Cancion del Corazon, Ecuador

This wellness retreat focuses on the importance of spiritual growth and being eco-friendly. They offer Yoga and meditation programs at an Outdoor Pavilion where you will be able to hear the voice of wind and enjoy the scenic beauty of the Andes.

The wellness retreats of South America surely are some of the best retreats in the world and they help you take a short personal break from your Stressful work and help you spend some quality time with your family.


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