Tips for designing an ideal holiday retreat cottage

Everybody dreams of that one vacation retreat; a cabin in the middle of the woods, a lodge by a lake, or a cottage perched beside a meadow. Being able to get away from it all is vital nowadays, and more tourists than ever are choosing to shun busy cities and beaches in favor of a remote cottage and the great outdoors. The great news is that designing your own holiday cottage retreat couldn’t be simpler, and with a few clever tricks you’ll be able to capture the essence of that lonesome cabin no matter where you are. Check out some Cottages for Sale before you start your cottage or cabin, it’ll give you some great ideas. The right look will steal your guests’ hearts and keep them coming back year after year; read on to find out how it’s done…

Creating a classic cabin feel

Regardless of what your cottage looks like on the outside it’s perfectly possible to capture the look and feel of a classic cabin inside, with just a few simple interior design tips. Classic cabins are rustic and charming, cozy in the winter, yet open and bright during the summer months. Imagine a cabin in the woods, or nestled on the edge of a lake; these kinds of accommodation have an air of the vintage about them and are, of course, adorned with wood and wooden curios of every kind. Start with wooden flooring, and paneling on the walls to create a sense of the great outdoors indoors, and add to the effect with solid wooden furniture; your guests will feel a little as though they’re picnicking outside, even when they’re tucking into an evening meal.

Light is everything in a holiday retreat, yet it shouldn’t be overwhelming. Make use of natural light wherever you can, use concealed spotlights to create the right kind of ambience, and build a fireplace into as many rooms as is plausible; this will create a cozy feel in the depths of winter, while adding warming tones to light your guests’ way. Window shutters can be a great way to use natural light, allowing you to filter as little, or as much, as you’d like. If this something that you’d like to incorporate into your cottage, then you could check out a website like Shuttercraft for infomation on how to get your shutters professionally fitted. They also add a real rustic feel to any interior and can help cottages to feel snug during the winter months, or cool in the summer. Finally stone can be a fantastic addition to any cabin interior, so think carefully about centerpieces, statement fireplaces and chimneybreasts, and accessories.

Accessorizing your classic cabin retreat

Once you’ve decorated and furnished your cabin retreat you may wish to think about adding a few extras to accentuate the cottage’s ambience; you want your guests to feel at home, and tucked away from it all, don’t you? While some rustic cabins work really well without curtains or window-dressings of any kind, others may choose drapes or shutters to keep out the world. It’s up to you to decide how much of the outdoors you’d like to let in.
Brochures for local activities and events will remind guests that there is a world outside the front door if they’d like to partake, and accessories are everything; wooden trinkets, plush rugs and some plain cream, beige or grey cushions accented by a few brighter patterned cushions, candles, bold prints and landscapes, and stonework can finish any interior off perfectly, whilst encapsulating that classic cabin feel. Traditional decorative pieces like a world map poster always give a great finishing touch too. You could even look for maps of the local region which would be helpful for the guests. Make bed linen warm and comfy, towels rich and fluffy, and think about the extras you’d be including; a local food hamper, or locally sourced craft items can mean the difference between a mere five star review, or a repeat customer that becomes one of the family year after year.

As the owner of a cottage you’re in a wonderful position to be able to make your guests’ dreams come true; imagine them setting foot inside your property and being blown away. That feels good, right? We all dream about escaping it all, tucking ourselves up in the hills, and forgetting the world below, and now is your chance to make that a reality. Perhaps you have a stone cottage, a modern lodge, or a concrete cabin; remember, it’s what’s on the inside that really counts.