The Benefits of Private Business Travel

As a frequent business traveller, you’ll know how time-consuming your journeys can be, especially when you’re travelling abroad by air. Private jets might seem like something only millionaires and celebrities can afford, but the truth is, private jets are becoming a much more popular way of getting around.


You save yourself lots of time – and in business, time is money.

You’re Not on the Ground as Much

The benefits of flying by private jet start when you’re on the way to the airport. Unlike large, commercial airlines, smaller jets don’t need big runways and hundreds of staff members. Therefore, these jets can set off from much smaller spots, which brings the jet much closer to your home and your destination.

There are a lot more minor airports than there are large ones, and these handy locations are also much less congested, which makes the overall experience far more enjoyable. Equally, a lot of private jet companies like Victor allow you to manage your travel plans through an app, which makes the whole process even more convenient.

Your Trip is Much Faster

Airlines are tied to spoke networks and hubs, but private jets aren’t. This means, if your plane has enough fuel capacity to fly straight to your destination, it will. That can save you a lot of time, especially when these jets tend to travel at faster speeds, too.

Smaller jets tend to fly higher than commercial jets, which puts them out the way of a lot of air traffic, creating more direct routes that are much quicker. This extra flexibility they have also means they can avoid some of the adverse weather that causes disruption to flights as well.

You Can Get Your Work Done Whilst Flying

Even though you can do work on a standard plane, it’s often impossible to keep your work private when you’ve got someone sat next to you. Equally, with screaming kids, people going to the loo and other interruptions, it can be very difficult to concentrate.

Private jets are, as their name suggests, private, which means you can have conversations with your colleagues without being concerned about confidentiality. Furthermore, if you have work you need to do, you have plenty of peace and quiet to do it in.

Finally, when you’ve hired a private jet for your business trip and you’re going to a new destination, it gives you the perfect opportunity to stop off and see things on your way. With private jets, you can mix business and pleasure with ease.

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