Surprising Facts Most People Don’t Know About Life in Chesterfield, Derbyshire

There are some places that you are instantly attracted to when you visit for the first time and Chesterfield often leaves that impression with visitors coming to this part of Derbyshire.

From the famous Crooked Spire to its bustling market days, and not to mentions its close proximity to Chatsworth and Bolsover Castle, Chesterfield has a lot going for it.

Great place to live

There are many components that need to come together in order for somewhere to be considered as a great place to live and these include a good offering of family housing, excellent schools, a good rail network and plenty of leisure activities on offer.

If you happen to be house-hunting and check out the additional estate agent resources that list the amenities available, you will soon appreciate why Chesterfield is viewed in a positive light by many of its current inhabitants.

Crooked SpireCrooked Spire Church

One of the more iconic landmarks in Chesterfield is the Crooked Spire Church which is instantly recognisable as soon as it comes into view.
Built in the late 13th century, it is actually the largest church in Derbyshire. It is believed that the reason the spire is so twisted is possibly due to the fact that green timber was used in its construction and when 32 tons of led tiles were place on top, the weight eventually told and produced this unique architectural feature that has survived through the ages.

Bags of character

Many places we visit have become rather generic with the same shops and a retail park that looks remarkably similar to many others that you may have visited in different areas.

Chesterfield is not devoid of an out-of-town retail park experience if that is what you are looking for, but the town centre regularly plays host to one of the biggest open-air markets in the UK. The stalls are packed in tight and if you come to Chesterfield town centre on either Monday, Friday or Saturday, you will be able to soak up the atmosphere that the markets generate and possibly pick up a bargain or two as well.

In addition to the general market on these three regular week days, there is also a flea market on Thursdays and a farmers market selling fresh local produce, on the second Thursday of each month.

Stately homes

If you like period dramas and enjoy the chance to visit a stately home for a look around, Chesterfield is a good place to be.
Chatsworth is perhaps the most famous home in the area and the Palace of the Peak makes for an enjoyable day out. Hardwick Hall is another excellent place to visit and the Italianate gardens at Renishaw Hall or the fairy-tale mansion known as Bolsover Castle are two further reasons why Chesterfield and the surrounding area is so popular with visitors.

Traditional Buildings

Culture fix

If you are thinking about moving with a family to Chesterfield, it is always important to know if there are plenty of things to see and do when you are not working. The town has two theatres, which are the Pomegranate Theatre and the Winding Wheel. With its distinctive stained-glass dome, the Winding Wheel plays host to a wide range of family shows and offers a mix of drama, dance, music and comedy. The Pomegranate also hosts a diverse range of shows in its 500+ seat auditorium that is a fine example of a Victorian building built for such a purpose.

A few facts and figures

  • Chesterfield is the largest town in Derbyshire with a population of 71,000 and yet some 15 million people are actually within a two hour drive of the town.
  • There are 12 universities within an hour’s drive from Chesterfield and if you want or need to get to the capital, London is under two hours away by train. The area offers good employment opportunities and a good number of national and international businesses operate within close proximity of Chesterfield.
  • A god sign of the strength of the local economy and the general attractiveness of the area to the business community is the fact that Chesterfield has the highest retail occupancy outside of London. This means that the high street rarely feels deserted like some other places, especially with the market on three days a week.
  • A curious fact to end on but an interesting one if you have a child that might be a budding professional football goalkeeper. Chesterfield has a fine tradition of producing goalies with Gordon Banks, Bob Wilson and John Lukic all achieving international recognition, having been born in the town or played for the local club.

Max Carson is a traveller with a mission. After seeking out the most interesting, beautiful, and quirky locations in Britain, he enjoys blogging about his adventures and what he learns along the way.


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