Stunning Scotland: Planning Your Next Break

Scotland. It’s a place of mystery and beauty. The romanticism that is associated with Scotland is unlike anywhere else. It’s wild, rugged and breathtakingly beautiful. But, there is so much more to Scotland than the highlands. You could learn about so many great things like the history of the Scottish pound. On the contrary, Scotland is a fantastic yet curious mix of stunning, metropolitan cities, tiny villages and rolling hills. Scotland is unlike anywhere else in the world. There is something wholly different about this fabulous country.

Are you planning your next break in Scotland? Are you looking for a scotland travel guide? Let’s take a look at some things to consider, as well as some traditional tourist hot spots to visit.

Accommodation and Places to Stay

Scotland has accommodation to suit all budgets. If you’re looking for a bespoke hotel towards the coastline, you might want to check out some Hotels in Troon for an elegant, comfortable experience. You may want to go glamping in Scotland, or find a luxury, boutique hotel in the middle of a city. Either way, there is a wealth of accommodation choices to choose from. Camping and glamping have become a firm favourite with many, who want to seek out ‘real Scotland’. However, those heading to the cities will want to ensure that they have an affordable place to stay. Guest houses and chic hotels are everywhere. So, you don’t have to worry about not finding the right place to lay your head.

When to Visit

Scotland is susceptible to cold winds, lots of rain and perishing winters. While the winter can be tough in the Highlands, Christmas in Edinburgh is stunning. If you want to enjoy the best of the highlands and see more of the stunning landscape, May to August is the best time to cross the English border.

A Couple of Days in the City

Edinburgh and Glasgow offer wildly different things for the budding Scottish tourist. Edinburgh is known for being a chic, cosmopolitan city with lots to offer. For those that love history and culture, HMY Britannia is a must. Holyrood Palace is a great way to learn more about the region too. Princes Street Gardens are the capitals green space and make for a relaxing walk and picnic spot. The summer is a great time to visit the gardens as festivals and events are in abundance.

In Glasgow, the modern Riverside Museum is a must. It’s located on the lovely harbour and is made up of contemporary arts and places of historical interest. The harbour itself has shops, restaurants and boutique cafes for you to indulge in some excellent Glaswegian cuisine. Haggis, anyone?


Simple but eternal Bagpipes of Scotland

Back to Nature: Heading into the Highlands

Of course, you cannot discuss Scotland without talking about the highlands. It’s what Scotland is famous for. You can seek out the infamous Loch Ness Monster within Loch Ness. Loch Ness is a picture perfect, eerie looking lake. Mountain biking around the 20 mile lake is one of the more favourable pursuits in the area. It’s a big lake, but you cannot go to Scotland without visiting Loch Ness. If lochs, or lakes, aren’t your thing, there are a ton of other pursuits too. The wildlife in the Highlands is unlike anywhere else. Head to the Handa Island Nature Reserve to see all the different kinds of bird and mammals in their full glory. It’s unspoilt, clean and authentic Scotland.

If you want a holiday with a difference this year, it has to be Scotland.

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