Staying in a Boutique Hotel: Is It the Right Choice for You?

Before we can discuss whether or not a boutique hotel is the right option, it is important to first understand what boutique hotels are all about.

What Exactly is a Boutique Hotel?

The terminology has its roots in the 1980s, and Morgans Hotel in New York City was the first establishment to be defined as such, due to the uniqueness of both décor and service.

While the original boutique hotel has closed since then, it was a pioneer in inspiring a whole new kind of hotel genre, which was geared towards providing guests with a rich, unique, and customized staying experience, irrespective of the establishment’s size.

Modern boutique hotels are mostly smaller institutions compared to the big chain hotels, and they distinguish themselves in their own right by representing the hotel’s personality and style in all services provided.

Is It the Right Choice for You?

If you have never tried staying at one of the many luxurious boutique hotels, then you should at least try it once to form your own opinion, rather than relying on second-hand information. Consider visiting this site: Enter your destination to find the best boutique hotels in any popular location around the world. In fact, 7 Boutique Hotels actually has multiple lists of the seven top boutique establishments in any location, as well as a list of the top seven boutique hotels in the world.

The first experience we have is what defines our general impression about most things, especially when it comes to lodgings. Therefore, to get an actual idea of what boutique hotels are all about, it makes sense to start with a good one.

Nevertheless, it’s always better to at least have an idea regarding what to expect from trying a new kind of accommodation, so consider the following features and see if they appeal to you.

Redefining Uniqueness in the Hotel Business

What defines a boutique hotel is also an aspect that matters the most here, which is, of course, its uniqueness. While every hotel, in general, will have certain similarities, the best ones are always unique in the sense that the staying experience they provide cannot be had at any other hotel in the world, including another boutique hotel of similar repute.

Diversity within a Single Hotel

Every giant hotel chain with five-star ratings will have top of the line services and facilities, and the rooms will differ in size, available features, service quality, and much more. However, all rooms in a particular class (suite, presidential suite, general rooms, rooms with club service, etc.) within a hotel will almost always look identical to each other in décor, style, and furnishings.

On the other hand, the best boutique hotels have different designs for each of their rooms. What it means is that even if a guest has stayed in a boutique hotel before, the next time they visit the same hotel but choose a different room, they will find it to be totally different from their previous room.

As one can imagine, this makes for a unique staying experience each and every time. Some of the best hotels may even go to the length of changing their entire theme every year, drawing in old customers for a new experience.

Top-Notch Customer Service is Part of the Experience

Most of us lead hard, busy lives, but when we take a break from the mundaneness of it all to go on a vacation, how the hotel staff behaves, serves and caters to our needs is crucial to having an enjoyable staying experience.

This is exactly what good boutique hotels concentrate on providing, as it is part of what the genre stands for. The intentionally limited room numbers allow the owners and the staff to offer excellent service in the busiest of seasons, even when the entire hotel is filled to capacity.

Besides, guests enjoy the same courteous and ever-present service in any room they choose, which isn’t something the bigger hotel chains can offer.

The Love of Pets

As boutique hotels are usually run by locals and these are mostly family businesses, they offer a family-friendly environment as well. Given that pets are often part of their family too, you should not be surprised to see that the owners have a few dogs and cats of their own in the hotel. In case you love traveling with your dog, the chances of finding a boutique hotel where pets are welcome are more likely than finding a big hotel which allows pets.

Chances are that after going through some of these points here, you are at least intrigued, and right now, you are simply one online booking away from forming your own point of view and opinions about boutique hotels. Just be sure to pick a good one, though, because first impressions could often be misleading otherwise.