Seven Interesting Facts About Africa

Africa,the home to billions of people is incredibly diverse in its cultural orientation,tradition practices, its ecosystem not to mention its geography and the demographical composition. Africa is known to be the second biggest of the 7 continents and probably the most populous continent after Asia. It has a population of more than a billion people. Further more, the continent is believed to be one of the oldest and longest inhabited continent compared to others, this is due to the fact that the origins of hominids and humans can be traced back to this wonderful continent Africa. Africa on the other hand constitutes of 53 independent countries and rich mix of native tribes;that is about 3000 distinct tribes, different cultural practices,varying economies performance and stability,styles of leadership that is from monarchy states to democratic states,historical features like the Pyramids, Timbuktu to some natural wonders like the Great rift valleys and the big fives.

Africa’s spectacular scenery is abundant in some stunning flora and fauna with phenomenon features like the vast deserts, Rugged mountains,vast fertile grasslands to its wide and large tropical rain forests. This is basically the reason as to why the large number of tourists that comes to Africa are usually drawn to various countries which is determined by culture, interesting, factual, preferences in the African continent. Despite the availability of such immense natural resources and beauty in this continent, Africa’s major population is still poverty,disease and famine stricken with even the basic education still being denied to its children plus the continent comprises the most of the least developed nations in the world.

Africa’s culture, interesting, factual,beliefs are diverse and gives anybody the opportunity to understand more about this continent,some of these interesting facts regarding Africa are that;

1. Africa’s length and breadth are almost the same in measurements at about 4,660miles in equivalence from the North to the south equivalent from its west to the east in distance while the Equator which runs from East to the west of the continent cutting it into two halves that is northern and southern sides.

2. Other than the African continent being the second most Populous in the globe with Nigeria being her most populous country at approximately 120 to 140 million people and on the other hand Seychelles with the least population at about 80 thousand people This continent has proven to be the second biggest in mass and population hosting about 12 percent of the world’s population.

3. Africa comprises of approximately 3,000 different ethnic tribes, most of whom with varying dialects therefore giving about 2,000 spoken languages. However, the most and widely spoken language is the Arabic in the northern part of Africa, where by history also indicates that this continent was basically the first to be inhabited with records of discovered fossils showing this as the evidence.

4. River Nile in Africa is actually the worlds longest river with a length of 4,150 miles and cuts across Ethiopia, Uganda,Sudan,Egypt thus making these areas very fertile and productive. In addition the continent boasts of one of the largest water falls,the Victoria water falls which is situated at the border of Zimbabwe and Zambia with a height of about 355 feet running almost a mile in breadth.To add on, the worlds largest hot deserts is the Sahara deserts at about 3.5million sq miles is located in Africa.

5. Mount Kilimanjaro and Lake Victoria are the tallest and largest mountain and lake in Africa respectively with Madagascar being the largest island in Africa while and at the same time the fourth Largest Island in the world not to mention the world’s Largest green Canyon located in south Africa which basically the 3rd largest Canyon in the world.

6. This continent is well renowned for its magnificent flora and fauna which is the home to the renowned big five like the Lion, Elephant, Giraffe, Buffalo and many others plus some of the fastest animals in the surface of the earth such as the Gazelle, Antelope,Cheetah and the Leopard.

7. In mining, Africa is well known for its large production of Gold and diamond plus some other precious stones, this therefore constitutes almost 50 percent of the world’s production.