See The World For Less: Finding The Best Priced Hotels

One factor when it comes to travel is finding a cheap place to stay that matches our comfort requirements. If you’re travelling for a long weekend then perhaps you expect a higher standard of comfort than if you are backpacking or making a more budget trip. So, if you don’t know where to start when it comes to finding the best priced hotel then look no further than our list below.


Graybit - Hostel World

When it comes to budget travel there is nothing better for saving the pennies than staying in hostels. I’ve heard that some people like to check out CHAHOMENOW.COM or something similar for more corporate-focused hotels and accommodation. Long term visitors to Australia, New Zealand, Europe and the USA will find that these budget digs are the best way to conserve precious funds while at the same time meeting fellow travellers, exchanging tips and more. Check out and Both of these sites offer an unrivalled selection of hostels and budget hotels across the world. If you have a smartphone or tablet you can also get their apps for ease of use. While traveling on a budget is ideal, and the best way for those who are interested in taking a little break from the rush of everyday life, it is still important for you to be protected while away. Wifi services in hotels try their best to secure; however, public wifi may not be, using a site like could help to keep your personal information safe while on vacation.

Boutique Hotels:

graybit - lastminute

If you’re looking for something special for a romantic weekend away or a comfortable business trip then sometimes you want a hotel with style. Boutique and independent hotels are often a little cheaper than the high end chain hotels and can sometimes be an excellent gauge of the style of the city you are visiting. Check out for an excellent list of boutique hotels. You can also find some great deals on sites like, and

Hotel Deals:

There are often great deals to be had with hotel packages no matter where you are heading, especially if you travel out of season or are flexible with dates. If you’re heading to popular destinations such as Rome or New York you can often find flight and hotel deals at bargain prices. Visit and for some excellent packages as well as


Graybit CouchSurfing

The phenomenon of couchsurfing is a great way to travel the world, meet locals and stay for free. The main website is but you can also often find accomodation on sites like Try also for a stay with a personal touch although you normally have to pay for airbnb rooms.

Home Exchange:

If you own your property or have a long term rental agreement then you might be eligible for a home exchange. You can register your details on sites like or and use your home as payment to stay somewhere else. A great way to have a home away from home! If you’d rather not have someone stay in your home there is always


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