Scintillating Sicily = Valuable Vacations!

Sicily is the largest Mediterranean island and situated just off the toe of Italy’s boot. Although it looks like Italy is kicking this beautiful island, you certainly won’t be kicking yourself after choosing to spend your vacation here!

Full of history, culture and tremendous tourist delights, there are a plethora of reasons to spend your hard-earned funds relaxing on the sandy, velvet beaches and swimming in the sparkling sunshine.

Accommodation Options in Sicily

Sicily is big! Approximately half the size of Croatia, therefore it is crucial you research the best place to stay. Why not live dangerously and reside by the largest active volcano, Mount Etna? How about discovering the history, culture and romance of Ancient Greece in Syracuse? Or, do you want a charming, classic city break in Palermo, the incredible capital of Sicily? Wherever you choose, there will be a beautiful villa in Sicily for you to stay in.

Staying in one of the beautiful rustic villas that Sicily has to offer will, to put it frankly, make your stay better. You could stay in an elegant hotel or hostel, lounging by the swimming pool all day while still benefiting the comforts and conveniences of home, however it is more difficult to physically experience the charm, culture and beauty that comes with the island vacation. By choosing to stay in a villa or self-contained apartment, you will be sure to experience the extra charm and civility from your host who will work hard to make your holiday a memorable and
comfortable one.

Sicily’s Super Six

The Cuisine: Sicily is a famous wine-growing region. Coupled with the freshly-seasoned, delicious local dishes, you will be sure to fill yourself with food and drink that is out of this world!

Greek Temples: In Agrigento, Selinunte and Segesta, you can experience sights that are equal to being in Greece itself. Ruins still remain from the Ancient Greek occupation, and chances are you’ll have the elegant experience all to yourself.

Mount Etna: Every now and again the active volcano will send huge clouds of ash over the island and beyond. Seeing the bubbling lava and charred ash is something you will never forget!

Savoca: The setting of Francis Ford Coppola’s ”The Godfather II” is a charismatic and quiet agricultural town that has been virtually untouched by the hands of cruel commercialism.

Palermo: It would be rude not to mention the gorgeous capital city of Sicily. Because we were just on the topic, it is rumored that the Mafia began their criminal activities here, among the abundance of magnificent museums, theaters and palaces.

The People: Unlike the Italian stereotype, the people of Sicily are naturally shy and welcoming. They may not all speak English, however there is a generosity and warmth present that transcends the language barrier!

Holidays in Sicily

Sicily is sensational. It just happens to be one of those places that offers it all. Whether you are looking to go on a luxury holiday, a honeymoon, a family holiday, a city-break, a spa holiday, a beach holiday or a sailing holiday, you can. It’s as easy as that, the list is simply endless.

The exciting range of entertainment and child-friendly food makes the so-called ”family holiday” a simplicity. If you are staying near the Madonie National Park there is a fabulous adventure

playground in the woods, as well as many more on the island, that leave the parents more worn out than the kids! In addition, one of Sicily’s strongest cultural traditions is the puppet theater. In every major town you can find shows to entertain the whole family! Whether you are drawn to the fancy beachfront locations or luxurious city sights, you’ll have no trouble finding something that fits.

Being an island, Sicily has no problem in supplying beaches. It is the high-quality of the Sicilian seaside that makes it such an impressive destination. Between the untouched Foce del Belice beach and the popular beaches at Scoglitti, Balestrate, Milazzo and San Vito lo Capo, you will find some of the best places to relax in Europe. You won’t be disappointed!

Sicily’s Nightlife

Sicily very much compares to the rest of Italy when it comes to the nightlife. There will be sophistication in abundance at many of the wine bars, restaurants, garden courtyards, cocktail bars and eateries across the island to soak up the magical Mediterranean atmosphere.

More classy and fashionable than the party capitals strewn across Europe, Sicily does have the affluent and influential ”General Market” club, spread across a refurbished 19th-century winery in Catania. The vibe is laid-back, however it can turn in an instant and become a full-throttled party that is too good to miss. Some of Europe’s top DJs play here, as well as pop and rock acts before they become notably famous.

Insider Tip: Secret Sicily

Unfortunately, Sicily is not one of the main European holiday destinations despite how incredible it truly is. Don’t forget to try the local food favorites, namely the gatò di patate (a delicious potato and cheese pie) or the pesce spada alla ghiotta (swordfish). The food is scrumptious, but to experience everything that the island has to offer, you have to get out and about exploring.

Take the treasured town of Erice. This quaint, charismatic town has Castello di Venero, a beautiful castle built into the rocks at 750m above sea level. Built by the Normans in the 12th Century it is an incredible landmark that doesn’t receive the praise and adulation it should receive – there is so much hidden beauty in Sicily. The best thing to do is to go out and find it!

Certainly one of the best places to spend your next holiday, Sicily has everything for every kind of individual.

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