Running your business while on holiday

Online businesses allow a greater deal of flexibility than brick and mortar establishments that have physical products to sell. Tracking, keeping control, and strategizing for the go-to-market for online businesses usually takes place in a few hours and can be done virtually. However, for companies that are involved in retail, hardware, logistics, and so on, taking stock and inventory, getting people at the same place, and then taking things forward can be a challenge.

Online businesses can be controlled remotely when away from office or while on holiday. Entrepreneurs in the online digital space find that taking breaks and allowing the company to run remotely (occasionally) is an excellent way to lead a balanced and healthy life. Many still work incredibly long hours at their offices and even work on weekends. These professionals tend to limit their travel so that they can troubleshoot and be available to take care of their online businesses, says Hunt Digital.

There is a grain of truth in being present to handle issues, but if you need to be on-call all the time, it might be time to review your workflows. Your business should not be wholly dependent on you alone. Your employees should be trained enough to handle minor difficulties with ease.

Let us look at how you can keep your online business running even when you’re on vacation.


Online businesses survive on the latest technology. You should make use of it too. Online pharmacists Quick Doctor use modern technology to host online appointments with patients. With so many platforms to share work and collaborate meetings, you can use these to keep in touch with your work at least once a day while on holiday. You can video chat from your hotel room, while you’re traveling, or while you’re lounging by the pool. Applications like Skype, Google+ and so on have decreased the space and feel of distance considerably.

File sharing systems like Dropbox and Google Docs help in viewing and making amendments to any work you would like to keep track of. Some employees also sync their calendars with office software so that it is easy to keep track of meetings and deadlines. If you are worried and want to know what everyone at work is doing, all you have to do is take a look at the shared calendars to get a general overview.

Correct Hire:

It is a well-known fact that you need a particular type of skill set to do a job. Make use of these minor things and hire people who are competent and driven to do a good job. Do not hire a part-timer to do a full-time job. The level of efficiency and dedication required will be different. If you have an online blogging business, hiring a content strategist is a good idea. However, hiring a part-time media marketing professional in the hopes that he or she will also perform the job of a content strategist is bound to be land up in failure.

If you handle a large e-commerce site, that sells physical products, you would need to hire someone who understands automated order bookings and payment processing, inventory and stock control, and shipping. Hiring someone like this makes sense since even when you are on vacation, all you would need to do is call your Operations Head or manager and ask for a quick briefing on orders received and products shipped.

Digital Marketing Agency:

While there is a consensus that digital marketers do not need to worry about holidays and work, it is the other way around. If you are a part of a digital marketing and SEO company, you must keep track of your work at all times. Holidays are a reprieve since you do not have to be in front of the computer all the time. You can schedule tasks, content, backlinks, and speak to clients about letting them know the flow of work for the duration that you are on vacation. Keeping set strategies and contingencies for digital marketing agencies is essential since most of the work done is live. There is very little back-end work that is done offline. Content, linking, images, schedules, and traffic has to be calculated and kept ready before you leave. Once you do, it’s a simple matter of timely execution as against working all the details over each time.

Since the advent of technology, it is possible to monitor work and employees remotely. A phone call a day, 15-minute video calls with your upper-level employees, and a quick look at the schedules for the day will enable you to enjoy your holiday without stressing about how the business will run without you.