Reduce Your Chances of Catching a Cold on Your Next Flight    

Many people have experience with a common scenario when they fly. Everything goes fine during the flight, but a few days later they come down with a cold or an upper respiratory infection. For most people, avoiding flying completely is not an option. Instead, you can try some of these tips to help reduce your chances of catching a cold during your next flight.

Try a Zinc Supplement

One possible prevention tip that you could work on even before your flight has to do with your immune system. You can take some steps to help your immune system a little before even setting foot on the plane. The first step is to try a zinc supplement. Zinc may help people avoid getting a cold, or it may reduce the amount of time someone is sick from a cold. A few days before your flight leaves, start taking a dose of zinc every morning. This may give you some added protection.

Load Up Your Vitamin C

Vitamin C is another beneficial ingredient that could potentially give your immune system a slight boost a few days before a flight. While a dose of Vitamin C will not completely eradicate the virus that gives you symptoms of the common cold, it may be helpful in reducing the severity of it.

Wash Your Hands

After giving your immune system a little extra power before the flight, next, you have to take steps to protect yourself from the germs that cause you to get sick. While it’s unrealistic to expect a plane that is free from germs, you can at least reduce the number of germs on your own body. Start with your hands. Make sure that before, during, and after your flight you’re committed to washing your hands properly. This may be your best defense against the common cold.

Pack a Small Pillow

While it’s nice to get the free pillow and blanket on some of the long haul flights, you never know what germs or viruses may be lurking on the material from its previous user. That’s why it’s a smart bet to bring your own small pillow for longer flights. Not only will you be more comfortable, but you can help keep millions of germs at bay with your own small pillow from home. Simply pack it in your carry-on for easy access.

Use Antibacterial Wipes

Along with your pillow, you should also add a package of antibacterial wipes to your carry-on. These vital tools in the battle against germs that could make you sick are small and discrete. Before using your tray table for eating, be sure to give it a proper wipe to eliminate the possibility of lurking germs. You can even clean off your arm rests and wall if you have the window seat.

Drink Lots of Water

It’s no secret that flying can seriously be dehydrating to your body. You can fight the impact of the pressurized air on your skin and system by bringing a large bottle of water onto your flight. Be sure to sip constantly during your flight to stay hydrated and healthy. If you neglect your body’s need for water, your nasal passages can dry up and possibly allow more germs to flow through.

Bring Your Own Food

Getting a cold or the flu sometimes comes from the passing of food and utensils during the snack or drink service on some flights. One way to protect yourself during this cold and flu season is to pack your own sandwiches for lunch instead of relying on the airline menu. Start with a crusty whole grain roll, a slice of cheese, some turkey, and finish off your creation with some Just Mayo from hampton creek. This option is not only healthier but also tastier.

Rest and Relax

Getting enough rest is another way you can help keep yourself healthy while traveling this cold and flu season. Don’t hesitate to take a nap when you can on a long flight. Whether you’re trying to keep up with a demanding business schedule or a hectic family routine, traveling can be exhausting. Your body can have more of a fighting chance against these common viruses and colds if it is well rested and relaxed.

If you want to be less miserable this fall and winter during your travels across the skies, take steps now to protect yourself. Focus on taking good care of yourself and making sure your space is clean so that you can get fewer colds this year.

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