Private Aircraft are More Affordable than Ever Before

For most people, flying anywhere requires taking a commercial airline. After all, most commercial airlines tend to be more cost-effective than trying to charter a private jet to take you where you need to go. Well, maybe that was the case…

Today, it’s much more affordable to take a private aircraft than it used to be many years ago. If you truly want to get away, don’t deal with the large, annoying crowds or the long waits through airport security. Instead, learn how private aircraft are more affordable today than ever before. 

More Fleet

Years ago, there weren’t many companies that offered private aircraft to consumers, which meant that the small number of companies could charge a lot more due to supply and demand. However, more and more companies are not just willing to sell private aircrafts to everyday people, but there are more and more companies out there who are willing to rent or charter private jets to everyday people. Because of the larger number in fleet, the cost of buying, renting, or chartering a plane has significantly gone done, making it much more affordable for you—and not just something millionaires can acquire. 

Private Aircraft interior

Aircraft Loans

As mentioned above, buying your own private plane used to be a daunting and somewhat impossible task. Today, though, it’s much easier for you to acquire aircraft loans in order to purchase your own plane. The process is similar to taking out a mortgage on a house. You will need to be approved by a lender, who will typically look at your credit history and other factors to determine if you’re eligible. You can also use an aircraft loan calculator to try and get a feel for what your payments will be. This can help you determine if buying your own private plane is something you can actually afford to do. If so, you’ll be able to fly in style for the rest of your life.


No Hidden Fees

Although you may think that taking a commercial flight is cheaper than a private flight, you need to truly think about all the hidden fees. For example, most commercial planes will only fly to about 200 airports throughout the world. Because of this, you are usually forced to spend additional money on a taxi, train, bus, or rental car to get you to your exact destination. However, a private plane has access to almost every single airport in the world, which is way more than 200. This means they can get you closer to your destination, which eliminates the need for that extra travel cost.

Aside from getting you exactly where you want to go, private planes have other perks that can save you time and money. For example, you don’t have to sit through security, experience a layover, or travel only on the airline’s schedule. Instead, you can board your plane without going through security, you can have a direct flight every time, and you can leave whenever you want. So if you’re looking to go to the Bahamas tomorrow, you can do so without spending a fortune on a last-minute ticket. Eliminating these hidden costs from your travel is enough to make private aircrafts more affordable and totally worth it.

Private Aircraft 2

If you travel often, whether for work or for pleasure, you will get your money’s worth if you invest in your own private plane instead of constantly spending money on commercial flights. After only a few trips, the investment will likely pay for itself.

So if you’re truly thinking about your upcoming travel, make sure to really consider how affordable private aircrafts are today and determine if it’s something you should invest in.


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