Planning a digital detox holiday

For anyone who spends hours in front of their laptop at work, only to go home and spend the evening scrolling through their phone, the idea of a digital detox can seem a little intimidating. But the benefits are countless. From being more present when around your loved ones to being able to truly relax, discarding the devices for a set amount of time can work wonders for mindfulness and overall wellbeing. This is why people are increasingly latching onto the trend of digital detoxing on holiday, allowing them to truly appreciate their trip without all the distractions that come with constant communication and news from back home. You can find out more about the benefits of digital detoxing with Opodo.

Here are our tips for planning a dream digital detox trip:

Get the group involved

If you’re traveling with friends or family who are constantly on their phones, it’s going to be much more tempting to pull out your own device. Speak to your travel buddies before you set off and table the idea of a group digital detox. If they’re into it, agree on guidelines such as no more than one hour of Wi-Fi a day, or keeping your phones on airplane mode from departure to the moment you touch down at home.

Buy a cheap feature phone

Really want to commit? Why not leave your smartphone behind? Of course, it’s important that people can get in touch with you in emergencies, but a smartphone isn’t necessary for this. Simply pick up a cheap pay as you go phone – without internet capabilities – straight from the 2000s, give out your new contact number ahead of departure, and enjoy an internet-free trip without worrying.

Leave Wi-Fi behind

The temptation to connect to Wi-Fi can get overwhelming sometimes – the smartphone addiction is real. Consider taking Wi-Fi out of the equation altogether by staying at a digital detox retreat. There are plenty of these retreats in beautiful destinations such as Bali and Ibiza. Not only will you not have access to the internet here, but you’ll be able to fill your days with rejuvenating activities to boost your mindfulness, ensuring you leave feeling as relaxed as possible. 

Make sure everyone at home is aware

Staying offline is going to be all the harder if you’re worried that the people you’re in regular contact with at home might be trying to get in touch – and might even be offended at your silence! Make sure your family and friends back home know about your digital detox before you depart. You could even get them to help out by promising to ignore your messages if you do crack and go online. It’s also vital to stick on your out of office and resist the temptation to check your work messages before you’re back home. 

Dig out your old camera and map

Rediscover the art of photography by ditching your phone. Why not bring a camera with film you can get developed on your return? Physical photographs are an amazing souvenir of any trip – not knowing what they’re going to look like ahead of time is half of the fun. Level up by bringing disposable cameras for everyone on the trip. Similarly, we’re so used to just using phone maps these days that it’s rare we’d bring a physical map on a trip. However, if you’re determined not to use your device, buy a good old fashioned map ahead of time and work on your orientation skills.