On the Culture Trail in Perth

Nestled on Australia’s West Coast, Perth is one of the most isolated cities in the world, bordering the huge expanses of the Indian Ocean and the Western Australian outback. But despite this, or maybe because of it, Perth has a vibrant arts and cultural scene with top-name musicians regularly dropping by and some fantastic festivals of music, food and comedy – all regular occurrences in this buzzing city.

Regular music festivals in Perth include The Big Day Out (bigdayout.com) and the Future Music Festival (futuremusicfestival.com.au) which both happen in the summer (which is February in this part of the world!). Often headlined by big acts from Pharrell to The Prodigy, expect big music and lots of cool kids partying hard.

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But for those looking for a more refined cultural experience, there is much to see, including the Perth Festival of Arts (perthfestival.com.au), showcasing film, theatre, dance and music- the festival runs from late in the year, around November, and runs through until April.

As a haven for exceptional food-especially seafood, Perth also hosts Taste of Perth, a two-day feast for the senses in the city’s Langley Park, which is 2014 runs from the 2nd to the 4th May (tasteofperth.com.au). Browse stalls hosted by some of Australia’s finest chefs and restaurants and delve into the fine fare, both traditional and cutting edge, and of course sample some fine wines, beers and cocktails to wash down the amazing food – all accompanied by excellent entertainment.

Perth 2In fact, away from the city, wine buffs will find much of interest in the 40 or so vineyards scattered in the countryside immediately outside Perth’s city boundaries. Australian wine is of course well known globally for its quality and aficionados can visit a working vineyard and sample the delights as part of a tour any time of year. If it wasn’t for farmers taking the time to use weed control for vineyards in Australia, for example, pruning the stems and selecting the strongest roots, the wine may not taste as good as it does.

There is a huge range of hotel to choose from in Perth ranging from top-end to budget so you can always find something to suit your budget whilst you see all the cultural highlights on offer. You cans stay at 5 star hotels in Perth or you can stay at something a little less high end. Some people even love Perth so much that they decide to move there! It’s a great place for both life and runs a business so lots of people make the big move there. People often look for the perfect house and get furniture removals Perth to move their stuff. It takes a lot of planning though so if you do this, take your time and consider everything.

Getting familiar with the layout, Perth is a sprawling city, with its historic sister city Fremantle just a stone’s throw away across the Swan River. Blessed with miles and miles of unspoilt sandy beaches, there are of course some of the finest surf breaks you can find anywhere and an excellent temperate climate which means you’ll be almost guaranteed to enjoy the beach.

In fact Perth regularly features high up on quality of life lists and it’s easy to see why once you’re here. The city itself is cool and modern yet with historic quarters, mainly in Fremantle, and the waterfront aspect of this city means that there is always something to do – from sailing to whale watching, to surfing to scuba diving. If you’re more of a landlubber then hit the road and follow the Indian Ocean Road north to sleepy coastal towns such as Geraldton and Carnarvon.

It may be isolated but Perth can certainly make sure your visit is worth your while!


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