Visiting a city for the first time is always challenging. You do not know the roads, you may or may not speak the local language, heck you do not even know the proper exit of the airport! I have to travel quite a lot for my job, and figuring out exactly how the city works every time I set my foot on the completely unknown place is something I hate. That is why when I had to travel to Singapore this year, I decided to book Blacklane’s airport transfer in Singapore. And thank my stars I opted for them. The experience was so extraordinary, that I just had to write this review of their airport transfer service.

What Is Blacklane:

Let me start with a little bit of history of Blacklane. This German startup started their journey about six years ago. They are just another app based car service provider. But what sets them apart is their airport transfer services. I had heard that they provide airport transfer services to and from 400+ airports in 236 cities. In fact, few of my colleagues have already used Blacklane before during their trip to other cities. They are the ones who convinced me to book my airport transfer in Singapore through Blacklane.

Booking Cabs Made Easy:

I booked my cab for Singapore through Blacklane long before I boarded my flight. No more standing in the queue at prepaid taxi stands, no more running around with my luggage and no more bargaining with local cabbies. Booking was insanely easy. I just had to open the app, enter the travel date, pickup and drop off points, enter my flight details and voila! I was ensured to have my cab driver at the airport before my flight lands, waiting at the gate with my ride!

The Awesome Service:

So my cab booking was done, and my journey date was here. I was flying in from L.A. so it was an insanely long flight. However, the whole process of finding my driver went so smooth that it just made my day. He was waiting for my arrival at the exit gate with my name card. He was a really nice and friendly person, and offered to help me with my luggage. I was late by nearly 20 minutes finding my luggage, but he informed that Blacklane offers one hour of free waiting for airport transfers. That was really a nice thing. Also he didn’t even seem a little agitated by the delay, which was a huge tick mark.

After that we went to my ride. I booked a business class ride, and the assigned cab was a beautiful looking Mercedes. My driver even opened the door for me. The car was quite new and really comfortable. And the driving was awesome. He seemed to know the roads quite well and how to reach my hotel. He really was a professional and qualified cab driver in my opinion. We reached my hotel after half an hour or so. My driver dropped me off at the hotel and bid me farewell. I made the payment through the app itself, so there was no cash involved.

All in all, the experience was so seamless and hassle free that I am certainly converted. I will be using Blacklane’s service for all my trips for now on. In fact, I had booked their service twice to travel in Singapore itself. The included waiting time, the beautiful cars, the professional drivers really stand out. Apparently they also track your flight if you book their airport transfer service. So in case your flight gets delayed, the pickup time for your booking will automatically be adjusted. I highly recommend that you also try Blacklane out for your next trip. From my experience, I can assure you that you’ll have the most hassle free experience. Happy travelling.


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