The Different Ways to Make International Calls From Your Gadget While Traveling

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The cost of international calls is usually quite high and varies from one country to another. This can be particularly catastrophic for businesses that rely on international customers. The pitfalls of international calls might be overcome by doing business via a borderless cloud contact centre. Wherever you are travelling to or from, you will need to have some sort of contact with your family members and friends. It is always preferable to make cheap or free international calls since calling international destinations can be very costly. Also, If you are a budget traveler, spending too much on calls is not a great idea. But in these days, almost any one can make international calls using his or her gadget device for cheap or even free. Joining international calling companies is one way of making cheap calls as they provide you with a SIM card that can operate in different countries at a low-cost. Similarly, people can look into a voip phone system Melbourne offers, or wherever you are located, especially for those who are working or running a business during their travels.
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There many different gadgets that people use for communication purpose in today’s world. These include laptops, iPhone, iPad, Smart Phones, Blackberry, satellite phones and many other gadgets. They can cater for all ages as well, meaning that both the young and old can experience the joys of communicating over a device. They can vary for the different ages as well, which makes it a lot easier for the older generation who might only be interested in using a phone to communicate (you can check out these best inexpensive cell phone for seniors here to give you a better idea of how they are different). The gadgets have different operating systems (OS) depending on the make of the phone but most computers operate mostly on windows operating system. iPhone and ipads operate on the same Mac OS, Windows phone on windows OS, other gadgets may operate on Android which is Google OS.

Different operating systems provide free applications that you can use to make calls. Android OS have several free applications such as Google talk, Bobsled and Skype that are enabled through wi-fi, 3G and 4G network . Google talk is a video and voice chat application where you can talk with your family members and friends with Android phones or tablets. Basically, free calls from Android can be easily done. On the other hand, Bobsled offer unlimited free calls to your colleagues and family members in US and Canada between Web, Android, iPod, iPhone, iPad and phones. Bobsled allow calling across many OS and gadgets which is an advantage. Skype allow you to make free audio and video call on Android gadgets. Downloading Skype is free and it operates in 3G and wi-fi internet and you can contact friends on tablets and phones.

Windows has several free applications for making international calls such as Skype, Nimbuzz and Globe 7. Through Skype you can video call, voice call and Graybit Around the World RTW -Travel family vacation fun stuff to do international calls 1message your friends and family members. This application is free to download and is compatible with PC, tablets and cell phones. Nimbuzz is an application for free-calling and messaging on iPhone, Symbian J2ME, PC, Blackberry Web and Wap . It uses internet and cell phones applications to allow you call and send messages on the communication gadgets at no cost. Globe 7 enables you to make direct calls through your PC, cell phone and land-line.

Mac OS provides a number of free applications which include Google Chat/ video, Jitsi and VoiceMac. Google chat or video only require you to join Gmail and instal Google voice video plugin and you can make free calls to US and Canada. Jitsi is a video and audio communicator that supports XMPP/Jabber, AIM, Windows live, SIP and Yahoo. First you obtain Google voice number and you can connect through Jitsi. VoiceMac allows you to send and receive messages and call on your PC with SIP support.

In conclusion, you can make international calls on your gadget at low or no cost at all as you travel. One or more applications outlined above is compatible with your device and you should take advantage of the best.

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