Inside the Most Beautiful Libraries in the UK

The UK is home to some remarkable museums and amazing tourist destinations. From plenty of castles to magnificent halls like the Adlington Hall, the country still has so much more to offer. Aside from exploring works of art from different eras, you can also find literature and books that are not available elsewhere. Without these authors deciding to write their books in the first place, this experience would not be possible. Regardless of the outcome between the comparison of self publishing vs traditional publishing, their books have made it to the shelves of some of the UK’s top libraries for you to enjoy.

Britain is the home of some of the most beautiful libraries in the world, making a trip to this country that much more interesting. If you are interested in exploring these beautiful libraries, here are the ones to explore first.

Glasgow School of Art Library

The library at the Glasgow School of Art was the victim of a fire in 2015, but it was classified as almost undamaged structurally. The real damage was to the vast book collections the library was hosting. Still, the library is a must-visit if you are visiting Glasgow.

The structure alone is incredibly beautiful. Students of an online master in liberal studies program from reputable names such as Rutgers Online will find the Glasgow School of Art Library to be a place of wonders. It was designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh from the ground up and it still has a strong Art Nouveau design roots in every corner.

The Codrington Library

Oxford is home to several of Britain’s best and most beautiful libraries, and the Codrington is one of them. Again, it is a library that any literature fan and online master in liberal studies student will find magical due to its unique architecture and the vast collection of books from different eras.

The Codrington is situated inside Oxford College and it was completed in 1851. You only have to set foot in this library once to be in absolute awe; the library features a series of monochromatic accents that are too good to miss.

There is a catch to visiting the Codrington. The library is only open to members of Oxford University. You will have to be invited by a university member to be able to enter the facility. But, even when you are not a literature fan, a visit to the Codrington library will be one you remember.

The Bodleian

The Bodleian is another library in Oxford, but this one is open to the public. The beautiful structures were actually completed in different eras, beginning with the 15th century Divinity School. You can see the influence of modern history in the Radcliffe Camera and New Bodleian too.

Walking through the Bodleian feels like walking through British history. Tours are available on the site, plus you can apply for a membership before the actual trip to be able to access more areas. Spend a day browsing through books at the Bodleian; it will be the highlight of your library exploration tour of the UK.

Other libraries in the country are just as exquisite. The Peckham Library in London is for those who love modern architecture. The minimalistic architectural lines welcome you to an even more beautiful interior. The John Rylands Library at the University of Manchester captures the neo-gothic era perfectly. The next time you are in the UK, make sure you take the time to visit these libraries.