How you could save money on flights when going on holiday

There are some little ways that you could save money on flights. You could collect air miles, book your flights for out of season, book early, or look online for any discounts and offers on cheap flights. But, let’s face it. Unless you can afford to fly first class, flying is a terrible experience no matter what price you pay. The seats are always too narrow and uncomfortable; there’s no room to stretch your legs; strangers keep stealing your arm rests; and the food is bad enough to be the opening line of Jerry Seinfeld’s stand up (seriously, though, what is the deal with airline food?).  So, if you’re looking to save money and relieve yourself of the suffering and stress that comes with travelling by airplane, there’s an alternative you might want to consider.

Road trip!

So many people scoff at the idea of driving to their vacation location, but that’s because they haven’t road-tripped the right way before. A road trip doesn’t necessarily mean sitting in the car for hours and fighting with all the other passengers. Europe is a great place to drive through because a lot of the countries are small enough to drive through within a day or two. There are also roads around Europe that lead you through the countries and show you the different types of scenery minutes away from each other. You could start the day looking at the sunflower fields in southern France, spend your lunch time looking at the snowy mountains of Switzerland, and then end your day on a beach in Italy. As long as you don’t mind crossing a couple of borders and paying a couple of tolls, the journey to your holiday destination can be part of the fun. So, instead of paying a fortune to fly straight to those expensive capital cities and holiday destinations, choose a cheaper flight to a less common destination. All you need to do then is rent a car and get on your way.

If you’re more in the mood to road trip through your own country, make it fun by doing things like camping and visiting tourist attractions along the way. If your kids are old enough they could even share the driver’s seat with you so you don’t have to do all the work. If you want to use a vehicle other than your normal car, like a mini-van or an RV, then make sure you’re insured to use it. If you’re driving through the UK on great place to get your insurance is Here you can get good coverage for a low price to cover you while you’re driving. If you’re renting a car, however, beware of the insurance they offer you. Some car rental companies charge astonishing amounts for you to be insured, so make sure you look carefully at what you’re buying into.

So, don’t think that flying is the only way to holiday. If you get on well with the other people in the car, enjoy beautiful scenery, and want to experience as much as possible in as little time as possible then give a road trip a go. Afterwards, you might never go back to the airport again.