How To Travel the World in Luxury

James Bond films depict the secret agent gallivanting the globe in search of the bad guys. Inevitably, the main character travels in roomy private jets and dines at the elite restaurants of five star hotels. The action takes place amid scenes of black tie dinners and penthouse suites. If you have ever wanted to travel in luxury, Bond makes it look fabulous indeed. Unlike Bond, you can book your stay without worrying that a pesky double agent will destroy your enjoyment of the scenic vistas at your destination.

Fly Comfortably

You do not have to own a private jet to travel comfortably. You do have to choose your airline carefully, however, and be aware that the ones with the lowest price often skimp on the little conveniences that can make all the difference in your journey. For example, simply upgrading to a business or first class seat can mean an extra several inches for your legs and your carryon luggage. It may also bring you perks like priority seating in which you get on the airplane and relax with a drink and a book while others scramble to cram their luggage into the overhead storage bins. High quality luggage itself can let you travel in luxury from the moment you pack your bags. It can be so frustrating to rummage around in an old suitcase for the one thing you need right before you board the plane, but with the right carryon bag, you can quickly access your belongings in the specialty compartments. Well-made luggage gives you a confidence knowing that it will not fall apart during your travels. Durable luggage can make all the difference in the tight moments of traveling when you simply have to zip up your suitcase and go. A good bag will zip properly whereas a lesser-quality one may give you trouble just when you would rather be out sightseeing.

Be Choosy About Your Lodgings

Bond films feature beautifully designed hotel rooms. Such opulent interiors can make you feel like royalty from the moment you awake in your destination. To travel in luxury includes surrounding yourself with luxurious furnishings, views, and services only available at nice hotels. As you search for the perfect lodgings, here are some questions to consider:

  • Where is the hotel in relation to the other sites you want to visit?
  • Do they offer a transportation service to get you to and from the airport?
  • Is there a concierge to book your tours and excursions?
  • Does the hotel offer spa treatments?
  • Are the pools and gardens on the grounds well-maintained and inviting?
  • Is room service offered round the clock?

Some locations will be more suited to traveling with large groups. For those traveling with families or friends, you will want to find a hotel or resort with adjoining rooms. Many fine establishments provide common living spaces with attached bedroom suites. Fortunately, luxurious settings come in a variety of styles. So, whether you are looking for cozy fireplaces and cashmere throws or high-rise views and adventurous helicopter rides, there is a resort for you. As you consider options for where to stay, be sure to read reviews from sources you trust.

You do not have to be a secret agent to enjoy world-class travel and accommodations.