How to Plan the Best London Business Trip

If you’re a working as a secretary chances are you’ll eventually have to book a business trip for your boss. Here are a few tips on how to plan a successful trip that, you never know, might even land you a raise (although a simple thank you would be nice).

Before You Start

Try to make an appointment with your boss to make sure you understand the specific aims of the trip. Agree on a budget and any get to know any personal preferences he/she has. Make plenty of notes you can look back on to make sure you’re always planning to the requirements.

Planning the Schedule

This is likely the most important part, but try not to get too stressed about the situation yourself. Take a look at our tips for stress free business trips to make sure you stay calm.(Image by Andy Rennie)

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Your travel itinerary should comprise of all travel information and meeting schedules. Organise each day by start time, and make sure your boss always has plenty of time to get where he/she needs to be. Confirm all your travel arrangements in advance to minimise any time spent in unproductive places.

Finally, make back-ups (both physical and digital) of any documents your boss will need.

Booking a Hotel

If your boss has been to London in the past, they might want to stay in the same place as before. However, don’t worry if they’ve never been to London and ask you to pick a place. Pick somewhere near the london offices and you’ll be in a great location. There are a multitude of great places to stay as well as online search tools to help you find the right price, location, and style. One way to get extra points with your boss is to book them into a luxury hotel without them having to pay through the nose for it, search online for discount hotel rates and you’ll find amazing deals for hotels in London without the London price tag.(Image by Luxury Collection Hotels)

Graybit - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Booking a Hotel How to Plan the Best London Business Trip


For any scheduled meetings, you’ll want to book a room at a professional business centre rather than use a lobby room in the hotel. This will mean you can tailor the room to your boss’s needs and they’ll have access to features like a secure Wi-Fi connection, video conferencing software, and projector equipment if needed.

There are many ways of getting around London, including buses and the underground system. In terms of buses, it may be a good idea to download an app like Moovit, which allows you to view your Bus time and when it will arrive at your destination.

Secondly, consider how the location of your meeting will represent the company brand. You can book luxury rooms in high-profile locations in districts like Mayfair and Belgravia that will impress both your boss and the clients he’s meeting. Companies like London Executive Offices offer the kind of facilities you need in great locations across the city.

Booking your boss’s trip is a big responsibility, but take heart in the fact they chose you for such an important date on their calendar. Follow this guide this make sure you live up to their expectations.


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