How To Plan A US Road Trip

If you have decided you’re going on a road trip around the US you will want to takes things as they come. Part of a road trip is to enjoy the unexpected but it is always best to plan some things like your route. There will be things you have to plan before you get to America like your Visa, if you are planning to stay in the US for 90 days or less you will need an ESTA for information read more here.

The Route

One of the most popular routes to take to maximise your US road trip is route 66. Route 66 is one highway that starts in Chicago and ends in Los Angeles. California Route 1 is a classic route with breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean. The best starting point for this route is to start in the sunny San Diego, yet you can easily start your journey in Los Angeles too. After passing through Santa Cruz you follow the 1 straight into San Francisco. The San Francisco loop is another route with some different views including lots of hills and bridges. This route will take you over the Golden Gate Bridge which is something not to miss when you’re taking a road trip to the US. There are plenty of routes to tour various states in America it just depends on what states you want to visit on your road trip.


Driving somewhere will ultimately be far less expensive then flying but your road trip won’t be without hidden expenses. You might have a good budget in place but try to save as much as you can for your US road trip. If you happen to have money left over it can be spent for more fun things after your trip. If your going to gamble then casino us are worth baring in mind to make sure you set yourself the right budget. On a road trip your biggest expenses are going to be fuel for your car and for yourself and those you are travelling with. Make sure you fill your car with as much fuel before you leave as well as stocking up on snacks and water. By filling your car and packing snacks you will also save time and your stops can be much more efficient.


Once you’re on the road you will need something for you and your passengers to be entertained. As when you get bored you begin to feel tired. Remember to pack thing that will keep you entertained like music, books and classic car games. For music there are plenty of ways for you to listen including the radio, streaming services as well as creating a good CD mix. America has some of the best gambling sites in the world heading to Nevada can help keep you into the real money casino games.

Make Stops

When driving for long periods of time like you will be on your US road trip you will need to make some stops. If you are planning on camping most nights that is absolutely fine as it adds to the trip. Yet you will also need to have a good night’s sleep at some points on the trip as well. For you to be fully rested make sure some nights you book into a motel. There will be plenty of decent cheap motels no matter what route you take, if you can try to book in advance though.


Once you have figured out the route you will be taking on your road trip make a list of things you want to do. When you know your route you will know what states you will be passing through. Although you don’t have to plan everything it is a good idea to make a list of places and attractions you want to visit before you leave. Don’t forget to pack cameras so you can record and document the sights and memories you will create on your US road trip.