How the Travel Industry Is Going High Tech

Our travel experiences have changed drastically over the last decade. Not only has the process of planning and booking travel come directly into the hands of consumers and skipping the need for a travel agent, but the tools we use to facilitate that travel have changed as well.

Developers and others involved in the tech industry have made travel one of their priorities. We’re traveling more and traveling farther today than we ever have and the people responsible for the websites and apps we use are eager to cater to that demographic.

You’re likely already using many of the tools that are now available to travelers but there are still some tricks and just as quickly as we change our travel habits there’s someone right behind with another new way to make that travel easier and smarter. If you’re a tech-savvy traveler who’s always ready for the next new thing, check out just how evolved this industry has become.

Helpful Holograms

Do you dislike the fact that you may need to wait in line at a counter to find out about gate changes or other information when you’re at the airport? Does talking to a human being feel blasé? If you answered yes to either of those questions then the airports in Dubai or Boston are going to become your new favorites.

You can still talk to a human being if you want to, but if you don’t, there are helpful holograms located throughout the airport that can provide you up-to-the-minute information at any time. They speak a number of languages, are programmed with all airport information, and are a lot of fun to use. These unique features were introduced in the last year and are a huge hit so expect to wait your turn to talk to the hologram until the novelty wears off.

Hotels From the Future

Hotels are not content to take a back seat to when it comes to technology and the travel industry. With stiff competition from companies like Airbnb hotels are challenged with gaining guests’ attention and keeping it and they’re turning to tech to accomplish this. With programs and features that target the smartphone generation major hotel brands are rising to the challenge.

Hotels are retaining customer information to provide them with experiences catered to their needs. Do you prefer to use your phone or credit card as your room key? Many hotels offer this option. Would you prefer to have your room service meal delivered by robot? That’s also an option. Increased bandwidth and heavy focus on providing the best Wi-Fi experience to guests is also a priority. With the tech-savvy traveler in mind hotels are eager to please and even more eager to embrace trends to retain customer loyalty.

Getting Around

There’s much more to travel than airports and hotels; we’ve also changed the way we travel within our destinations. Apps like Uber and Lyft have virtually gutted the taxi service industry in many parts of the world and driverless cars are closer than we think. And public transportation is also joining the tech trend by allowing users to get through the turnstiles with a flash of their phones.

Car rental is changing as well. In many cases while people are traveling they don’t want a car for the entire duration of their trip but they may need one for a few hours or a day. This brings us to car sharing services. Again an app is behind this service but the customer can register their information within the app including their driver’s license information. The nearest car is identified and the user then picks it up and returns it to a convenient location. While not available everywhere this type of car sharing service is certain to gain traction.

The tech side of travel has taken on a life of its own over the last several years and nearly all of these improvements are geared toward improving the customer experience. As brands compete for your business and new ideas are introduced and shared we can expect these tech improvements to continue into the future which means the sky’s the limit for the future of tech and travel.








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