Great Family Activities in Las Vegas

Some folks are just stuck with the old Las Vegas image of sin city, gambling and mostly adult fun. How sad because the reality is very different. Over the years Las Vegas has gradually transformed itself into one of the top family holiday destinations on earth. Of course, there is lots of fun to be had with gambling in Vegas. However, if you’re a gambling zealot with no immediate plans to go to Vegas, then an online paypal casino may be the right way to go. The result is a guaranteed great time for all members of the family and even adults without having to go into a gambling casino. Not having to go to a physical casino is becoming more commonplace with actually needing to be at a table or a machine becoming a thing of the past; playing with a casino phone is the way things seem to be going and with increasing variety to these casinos with providers similar to SlotV ถอนเงน bringing possible alternatives to the table. Gameworks (MGM Grand) This is a place where every single member of any family is bound to find plenty to do. There are the amazing state of the art games that will captivate any adult right down to 4 year old kids. And don’t worry when you inevitably get hungry as a result of all the activity because there is a restaurant with quite a large menu and all at very affordable prices too. Madame Tussauds Wax Musuem This wax museum at the Venetian has grown into one of the top attractions. Lose yourself in the world of the rich and famous, legends alive and dead from Johny Depp to Evel Knievel among many others. Take home photographs with very realistic wax images of all the greats. Circus Shows at Circus Circus Casino A famous and wildly popular hotel-casino on the strip. It boasts of a staggering 3,774 rooms and belongs to the MGM Mirage group. Circus Circus Las Vegas is much more than just a casino and was among the very first to invest heavily in fun activities for the entire family. One of the major highlights here are the numerous circus performances that happen several times daily as well as the amusement park that caters for every kind of taste you would care to think about. It is called Adveturedome and has been dubbed the largest amusement park on the planet (image by Jeremy Andrews).

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Daily Shows at Circus Circus

Dolphin Habitat and Secret Garden They say that it is very calming watching dolphins swimming and fooling around. Perfect way to spend an afternoon or evening after a hectic morning. Close to it is the Secret garden where you will be immersed into the world of Panthers, leopards, white lions and white tigers and in the process get to learn some amazing facts and figures about them. Shark Reef How about watching deadly predators underwater doing their thing a midst exotic fish, sea turtles and all kinds of underwater creatures? The Shark reef is underwater adventure that cannot be quickly forgotten by members of the family of all ages. Lied Discovery: A Children’s Museum You will find plenty of interactive exhibits here to take away the imagination of any child but also lots of fun for other members of the family and even adults as well (image by marytsao).
Graybit Around the World RTW -Travel family vacation fun stuff to do - family Holiday in las vegas Lied Discovery A Children’s Museum

Lied Discovery -Adventure for every child

Car shows for auto buffs There is truly something for everybody in Las Vegas these days. Can you imagine finding the largest showroom of classic cars in the world in Sin City? You will need more than an hour or two to go through the collection of more than 250 truly great cars of the past. When you take a closer look at all the attractions in and around Las Vegas it becomes clear that the millions of visitors attracted here every year just don’t come for the gambling. For instance you can take any of the numerous Hoover Dam tours within easy reach from the rest of the action in Vegas. The Hoover dam was built to control and harness the erratic Colorado River and has transformed the habitat and ended up supporting a huge population by supplying both water and electric power. One of the top places in the whole of America that is well worth at least one visit before you die. Most of the tour packages take just 3 hours with an additional hour to get there and back. Related post: The Worlds 5 Best Cities For A BIG Party..!! Feature image by bschwentker

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