Going Rome Without Breaking Bad

Graybit Around the World RTW -Travel family vacation fun stuff to do-colosseum Rome ItalyGoing to Rome is like touring no other destination in the whole world. This powerful and rich Italian city provides the unique chance of traveling through time, on a incredible journey that will take you from a magnificent past to a exhilarating present of contemporary art flowering and cutting-edge fashion in every corner of Rome. Rome has been deemed to be the center of the world for centuries, the home to the Roman Catholic Church and the birthplace of Caesar. It is therefore a city built on history. However, as with touring any other city, you may incur cash constraints if you do not have a well planned travel budget especially if your budget for the visit is small. We will share some tips for going to Rome on a budget. The following are some guidelines on how you can maximize your Euros in Rome.

a. Thrifty Transportation Options

Train travel is the primary mode of transportation for the European visitors. Nowadays, there are a big number of low cost airlines that are available to transport tourists. Flights to Rome are relatively cheap if you book your tickets in advance. Search for the flight deals that are available online before you book directly with any airline.  One such airline is Meridiana which operates in and around Rome providing no frills air travel and cut-rate costs. Upon arriving in Rome, you have many budget-friendly options for touring the city including biking, public transportation and walking. Depending on the number of attractions you want to visit and you travel budget, a daily or multiday pass is the best option.

Graybit Around the World RTW -Travel family vacation fun stuff to do-city view Rome Italy

b. Affordable accommodation 

Hostels are perhaps the most affordable places for accommodation in Rome apart from the church-run monasteries.  No need to look for high end resorts and 5 star hotels to enjoy the city. Lodgings such as Hostel Beautiful 2 and Funny palace are examples of reasonably-priced, safe and cheap accommodations located within the city. These hostels offer free internet access, 24-hour front desk staff, laundry facilities and much more. Most include free breakfast which serves to further reduce your travel budget. The per night costs for local hostels begin from as low as 11 Euros per person. Airbnb provides some great self catering apartments though it is not easy to find cheap digs in Rome. Hotel de Monti and Hotel Grifo have rooms from 45 Euros. In addition, if you prefer to rent an apartment (especially if you travel with your family), many affordable vacation apartments in Rome can be found online.

Graybit Around the World RTW -Travel family vacation fun stuff to do-city view Rome Italy

c. Frugal restaurant ideas

Restaurants in Rome provide one price for the sit-down table service and a much lower price for the same food eaten while standing at coffee bars or café counters. You can save up to 50% off the normal table-service meal if you are willing to eat while standing or take your food and consume al fresco. There are restaurants that serve free appetizers when you buy a beverage. These feature good portions that can easy substitute for meals. In addition, do not leave Rome without sampling the delicious authentic pizza which costs about 2.50 Euros. Another local and visitor favorite is the rich, homemade gelato which at 1.50 Euros, is a budget-friendly dessert option.

d. Budget attractions under 10 Euros.

One of the most economical ways to tour attraction in Rome is through the use of the 3-day Roma Pass. This Pass is a discount cards that offers free entrance to 2 cultural sites and events, unlimited transport on the city’s trains and buses and discounts on other historic venues for 34 Euros. Other sites you can visit at a budget lower than 10 Euros include the Pantheon, the Foro and the Vatican museums which is free on the last Sunday of the month.

A vacation to Rome is a tour to understanding Europe. There are of course the large crowds, bad traffic, tons of tourists and congestion. But it is Rome! Anyone who wanders off the visitor trail here will be recompensed with a city filled with life along with an immense amount of historical ruins. However, Rome is not a bargain destination. An all-day travel pass, two top-notch museums, a cheap lunch, a decent restaurant dinner and a couple of coffees can easily set you back 80 Euros a day on top of the hotel bill. It is therefore important that you carefully plan out your visit within your budget. You can use the guideline provided above to plan out your budget.