Four Unique Things about the Australian Open 2016

The Australian Open 2016 is almost here, so you might be interested in learning some unique facts about this competition. Everyone has curiosities in regards to the placing of the competition, teams, finals and more. And it’s normal, since this is an important event which will be followed by millions of people around the world. This is why we have compiled a list of 4 unique things to check out about this amazing event. Regardless of whether you are an active tennis fan or are into it just because of the big names, you will want to know the following details:

1. Starting and End dates of the Australian Open 2016

The Australian Open 2016 will start on Monday, January 18 and end on Sunday, January 31. Some big names are announced for this competition like Roger Federrer, Nadal and more. You will want to watch this Open tour if you want to see some grand slams and some important players, both men and women. And in regard to the finals for this event, women’s finals (singles) will take place on Saturday 30th of January, while men’s finals (singles) will take place one day later, on January 31st.

Australian Open 1

2. Location of the Australian Open 2016

This grand tourney will be held at Melbourne Park, which is a renowned place for tennis fans all over the world. Biggest games will be played on Margaret Court Arena and Hisense Arena, while the centre court will be located at Rod Laver Arena. As always, tennis players will encounter clay as the main surface of play. You will get to see all types of fast movements in the game so better keep an eye out for the best players in the league. If you live in Australia, then you might even want to purchase some tickets for the Melbourne event, especially since prices for early sales are kind of low.

3. TV broadcasting of the event

Yes, as always spectators all over the world will be able to watch the distribution and evolution of the Australian Open live. Seven Network represents the company with exclusive rights over the distribution of this event. However, various retailers will take the re-broadcasting rights in order to make the content available to viewers from other countries, especially in US and Europe. Furthermore, some operators may broadcast the event live on the Internet, thus making it possible even for those who prefer a computer or tablet to watch their favorite tennis representations live.

Australian Open 2
4. Ability to purchase tickets online

Yes, it is possible. Due to the popularity of the Australian Open, it is best to purchase tickets online. The sooner people buy their tickets, the more likely they are to guarantee great seats in all three of the category of seatings, in addition to ground passes, allowing access to Hisense Arena. The Hisense Arena access will only be for the first week of the event, and venues like Queen of Tickets sell online effortlessly.

These are the four unique things which must be known about Australian Open 2016. It is definitely a competition which should not be missed, especially by tennis lovers. Those who have the possibility to travel to Melbourne are recommended to purchase tickets ahead of time.


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