Find the Perfect New Car for Your Summer Travels

Summer time will soon be here and there is no better way to celebrate its arrival than treating yourself to a new car. There’s just something about a new car, maybe it’s the new car mats or the new car smell. But there’s something that just makes you want to smile. Purchasing a new car will make your vacation time go much more smoothly. Buying a new car does come with some responsibilities though, for example, you should make sure that you have the right car insurance for you. Why not check out something like this Money Expert website to make sure that everything does indeed run smoothly. Buying a new car means that not only will you be assured of highly reliable transportation, you can have lots of fun enjoying all the latest features in your new car. While choice is usually a good thing, when it comes to the dizzying array of cars that are available these days, it can be difficult to narrow down your options. There are hundreds of types of cars, family cars, Sports car, you could even buy an SUV with zero deposit!

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The Car Buying Process

If you are like many people, you find the car buying process one that is at once thrilling and aggravating. The thrilling part is finally being able to see all the latest features up close and see how they can improve your driving experience. The aggravating thing about shopping for a new car is the uncertainty that has always been important that you test drive, just to make sure you’re 100% happy with it!

Chaotic Moon to the Rescue

One of the more frustrating issues that comes up when you are shopping for a new car is the sheer number of cars that have different features that you think you will like. Once you get to the car lot, though, you might realize that a particular feature is not exactly as you thought it would be. Chaotic Moon has introduced some innovative technology that allows you to instantly explore the vehicles that you are interested in — as well as their features — from the comfort of your own home, saving you time, money and frustration.

The Oculus Rift Advantage

The Oculus Rift straps to your head and gives you a decidedly futuristic look that will have you feeling like you are a superhero with magical powers. This is because using this device allows you to instantly explore the features of your favorite cars — in a virtual way. Using an innovative combination of menus that allow you to tweak the options to better suit your desires, you can add and eliminate different add-ons simply by moving them around with your hands. For example, you can even try on different paint colors to see if that bold new color is to your liking or if it is just too much.

Some Limitations Exist

For the basic Oculus Rift model, you cannot  actually experience the power and handling that would allow you to determine if that particular aspect of the vehicle meets your demands. While a multi-million dollar motion simulation assembly will probably be necessary for you to be able to experience that, this Oculus Rift can still provide automakers with the ability to really give their customers access to their showroom right there in the comfort of their own homes. For example, you can use it to virtually test drive the car of your dreams even if it is not available at your local dealership. Then you can have it delivered there when you have it outfitted to your liking.

Some insurance companies provide you with a discount that can help offset the cost of having auto insurance on your new car when you complete a traffic school course — also known as traffic school. These courses might also be open to you if you receive certain types of traffic tickets as way for you to reduce or eliminate the number of points on your record. Some county law enforcement regulations also allow you to petition the court as a way to dismiss the citation when you finish a defensive driving course.

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