Checklist for travellers going to EUROPE!

Travelling to Europe is a dream trip for most people. There are so many different cultures to see and enjoy. It offers something for everyone. But, an important part of a successful holiday is choosing which country to visit. Since, it can be expensive, planning, and deciding which countries to visit essential.

Travelling is stressful. Research about accommodation, planning a pocket-friendly itinerary, and making a travel checklist are vital steps for a great holiday. A travel checklist is a great way to stay organized. Make separate lists for important categories documents, things-to-take (which could be specific to a particular activity), and things-to-do before the trip etc.

Graybit will help you research and plan your Europe trip, giving you details about destinations and much more. This website will help address any and all travel related concerns you may have. Be it Europe, or any other part of the world, you need to keep certain things ready before you start taking you usual stuff for the trip.

Travelling to other countries always involves a lot of paperwork or procedure. So, keeping a folder of all required documents or if permissible keeping soft copies of the documents on your phone or any other electronic device is key to avoid any holiday troubles.

Some key documents that need to be applied for in advance are travel visa, insurance, and EHIC. (EHIC is the European Health Insurance Card which lets UK citizens access state provided healthcare in any other European country.) It must be applied for in advance and usually takes close to ten days to be delivered. For more details on how to apply for an EHIC card please log onto this website will help you to get an EHIC card that will make your trip much more comfortable, when you are travelling to any part of the European Union or any Switzerland. Travellers should always get travel and medical insurance when they are planning for a trip in some other far known place. Most people will not have to claim it, but it gives you peace of mind.

Here is a comprehensive list of all documents a traveller will need to carry:

  • Passport
  • Identification cards or other documents
  • Local currency or international travel cards or prepaid cash cards
  • Airline or train tickets
  • Travel Insurance
  • EHIC Card
  • Itinerary detail
  • Contact details for travel agents and embassies
  • Booking details of hotel reservations
  • Booking details of vehicle reservations
  • Country or gadget specific electrical wires like adaptors or simply use a travel adaptor
  • Medical prescriptions or daily medicines and a basic first Aid kit
  • Guide books or language guides or maps (you can also download maps and store them offline beforehand.)
  • Camera with batteries
  • Photocopies of passport and identification cards
  • Extra passport size photographs
  • Emergency contacts

If you are planning a holiday with your friends or family members, it is advised to take care of all the documents and keep everything ready beforehand. A trip with you near and dear ones must always be preplanned in such a way that you are free from any kind of hassles once you say goodbye to your home. So following the details from this website will help you to have a clear idea about what documents to take and what not while planning a big trip with your close ones.

As Dalai Lama says “Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before.” So always plan, but what’s even more important is to make a complete checklist of everything you could ever need or require on the trip.