Caves, Mountains, and Some Mystery

graybit trave on budget Chislehurst CavesMountains and Caves are always mysterious. Fun Filled Fantasy travels with hobbits and magic are everyone’s dream. Fantasy travels are filled with magical creatures, Unimaginable landscapes, Mountains and Caves. Hobbits are fictional creatures, most probably a humanoid race that first made its appearance in Tolkien’s Fiction. As of Europe, there are various fantasy travel locations with mysterious mountains, cool caves, etc. London is not only a place for industries but it also have some interesting a mysterious fantasy travel locations.

Chislehurst Caves:
Chislehurst caves are the most famous caves in London. The Travel inside these caves are filled with fantasy and you may even expect hobbits inside these caves. The dark and mysterious passageways run 20 miles long from chalk. These caves are mined for extracting lime and flint for construction of London Buildings. This cave have also used to store ammunition during the world war. This Cave is now one of the major attraction for film industry as well as a tourist spot fill with fantasy and thrill.

The Skocjan cave:
The Skocjan caves are the one the most famous caves in Europe. It comprises a bridge and a hall inside and its a good location for fantasy travelers. The cave is made up of a river named reka river which sinks suddenly after flowing on the surface. It flows in the underground for around 21 miles and again flows in the surface.

The Eisriesenwelt Caves:
These caves are one of the largest ice caves in the world. The word Eisriesenwelt means “The World of Ice Giants”. These mysterious caves are situated in a section of alps mountains located in Austria.

Dan yr Ogof:
Dan Yr Ogof cave is named as one of the greatest wonder in Britain. Found in South Wales, This mysterious cave consists of four lakes inside. It is one of the largest cave in Europe.

Everyone likes Mystery and fantasy, and when it comes to travel or tourism, mysterious mountains and caves pose a real thrill and enjoyment. When added up with fictional hobbits and magical creatures, Fantasy travel is an absolute fun. Take a look at the following map… what do you think???

Fantasy Lakes and Mountains Holidays


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