Can Travelling Solo be The Best Way to Travel? 

For many a holiday is a time to relax. Sometimes though, you come back needing a holiday to get over the last one! If you need to get away from it all sometimes travelling solo is the best way. It could be a long weekend or if you’re feeling leisurely, a week or two, but you’d be surprised at how much a solo holiday can recharge you.

Why travel solo? 

One thing many people find when they travel alone is that they meet more people. It might be because you’re more approachable alone.Or perhaps because being on your own forces you to be break out of your comfort zone. Whatever it is, you’ll no doubt find yourself engaging with other travellers and locals more than if you’re in a group.

You can also dictate your own itinerary. Want to do nothing today? No problem. Want to see all the sights in one day? Go for it. Want to stay up partying until 4am? Nothing stopping you!

What to do on a solo holiday 

As you can do what you want when you’re travelling alone, you can follow your nose. If you’re a keen photographer then why not go somewhere you can take photos at your leisure? If you’re a foodie, make a food tour of somewhere cool.

Walking is a fantastic solo holiday experience as it helps clear the mind and gives you time to think. Me time can be hard to find in the modern world, but a self guided walking tour gives you a great opportunity to relax and unwind.

If you’ve always meant to write your novel or paint a masterpiece, a solo holiday can be the perfect time to plan and map it all out. Or even get started.

Where to go when travelling alone 

Wherever there are travellers you’ll find solo travellers – but the following destinations are very popular. Things like infrastructure, ease of meeting locals and other travellers and things to do all make these great independent travel destinations.

  • Vietnam: A perennial favourite on the Asian backpacker trail. Stacks of culture, beaches, amazing food and cool nightlife. HCMC is one of the coolest cities in South East Asia.
  • India: Massive multicultural India is the original backpacker destination. The locals are friendly and the tourist trail is well travelled. Head to the Himalayas to have your breath taken away then hit the beach in Goa for some hippy culture.
  • USA: The Good Ol’ US of A has a million things for the solo traveller, from mountain trails to epic cities. Ever wanted to follow Route 66? Or maybe go crazy in New Orleans? Destinations made for the independent traveller.
  • Peru: From Macchu Picchu to Nazca to the Amazon rainforest, this is one of the most popular stops on the South American travel trail. Expect lots of awesome instagram friendly scenery.
  • Australia: It’s hard not to love Oz. Endless beaches, charismatic locals and diverse scenery make this an essential stop off for any globetrotter.
  • UK: For a small island there’s a lot packed in. From the world in one city aka London, to the more classical destinations of Edinburgh, Bath, Oxford and York. Not forgetting those rolling green hills and the fabulous pub culture.
  • South Africa: See the big 5 on safari in Kruger, watch the sunset over table mountain in Cape Town and get stuck into awesome wine in Stellenbosch. SA is a backpackers dream; cheap, fun and friendly.

So don’t be afraid, grab that backpack and find yourself a flight. You’ll come back with stacks of stories and loads of new friends! Happy travels…


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