Best Tips for Solo Women Travellers

Travelling with great company is always fun. You get to explore new places, taste new foods, and have a break from your stressful life, all while sharing your experience with someone else.

But there is another way to travel – alone. There is something magical about going on vacation without taking into consideration someone else’s feeling and preferences. The strong sense of freedom and the burst of inner power that take over your body are indescribable.

You will also feel exhilarated after trying new things you haven’t even considered doing before, not unlike the feeling you get when you gamble and use Fair Go casino bonuses.

However, travelling as a solo woman is not easy. You have to take extra precautions to stay safe, so if you want to go on a liberating solo vacation, learn what you need to do to make the most of the trip!

7 Tips That Might Help

  1. Keep Your Friends and Family Informed – Even though you go on vacation to get away from your daily life, informing your loved ones of where you are is the responsible thing to do – especially if you plan on visiting distant countries. Purchase a local SIM card to contact people every once in a while, or find internet cafes to send an email to your friends. Also, you should share your itinerary with at least one person, so people will know where to look for you if you go off the grid for too long.
  2. Know Your Destination – Before you board the plane, you should learn everything you can about the country you’re going to visit. Are there dangerous regions where the crime rates are high? What kind of public transportation is the safest and cheapest option? And what about the local culture? By having all the relevant information at your disposal, you will be able to avoid unnecessary mistakes that can put a damper on your mood.
  3. Understand the Dress Code – If you plan on roaming the United States or Europe, this tip might not apply to you. But if you are setting out on an exhilarating adventure at an exotic location where the culture is highly different than yours, you need to have respect for the local dress codes. If women in that country usually dress more conservatively, pack somewhat modest clothes. Try not to stand out too much, as the extra attention won’t always be welcome.
  4. The Rules of Packing – When you start planning your trip, there are a couple of things you should take into consideration: first of all, you should pack light. As you’re travelling alone, you won’t be able to leave your luggage unattended at any time. Having fewer bags means that you will be able to move around with little difficulty. The other thing you have to think about is the type of bag you take along with you. For safety purposes, you should use an anti-theft backpack that will reduce the chances of you losing your passport or your money.
  5. Safety Accessories – There are a few items you can pack that will help you stay safe. First of all, make sure that you have a whistle or a rape alarm in your possession. Attach them to the outside of your backpack so you will be able to reach them at any moment if the situation warrants it. Also, having a plastic doorstop at arm’s length can’t hurt. No matter where you stay at night, you will be able to ensure your door won’t be opened by strangers.
  6. Avoid Getting Inebriated – Yes, there is nothing more relaxing than drinking a cocktail, or three of them, when you’re trying to cut loose. However, since there is no-one there to have your back, you should never get too drunk. Also, make sure that you know where your drinks came from so people won’t be able to drug you. If possible, only drink beers and bottled beverages.
  7. Trust Your Gut Feeling – If something feels dodgy to you or someone approaches you and creeps you out, don’t dismiss those feelings straight off the bat. More often than not, your instincts will tell you if something is wrong, and since there is no one else you can consult at that particular moment – you should trust yourself. Avoid places and people that make you feel uncomfortable, but if that’s not a possibility – try to find a group to join till you can get out of the eerie situation.

In Conclusion

Solo travelling is one of the most profound experiences you can ever have, as long as you prepare properly. Are you ready to set out on a rare adventure?


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