Best Casino Resorts in the World

For the affluent, casino resorts can often be their own little fantasy world – an escape from the dullness of everyday life. Gambling itself can be exciting, but casinos also tend to offer luxury that little else can match, including high quality suites, outstanding service, delicious and rare cuisine, and other activities and events rarely found in most cities, let alone a single hotel resort.
These experiences also serve as an excuse to travel the world, since some of the top gaming resorts are located well outside of the United States. If you’re interested in trying your luck, you may want to check out one of the following world renowned casino options for luxury travelers.
Traveling Outside of Las Vegas
Las Vegas knows how to attract high rollers. Some of their suites – particularly those in the Palms, The Hard Rock, Encore, and several others – are so enormous and so luxurious, few other casinos or resorts in the world can match. However, part of the goal for many travelers is to explore the world. These casinos are outside of Las Vegas, giving you more to experience not only at the resort, but in the area around it.
• Casino de Monte-Carlo, Monaco – With an impressive history, classical ballet, and opera, the Monte Carlo Casino in Monaco is a unique and beautiful experience. It doesn’t have its own hotel, but there are plenty of beautiful accommodations nearby, and the architecture alone of this casino is something to behold. The casino itself is smaller than most others on the list, but its cultural significance is enough to make it well worth the trip.
• Casino Baden-Baden, Germany – Baden Baden is known as a “spa town” in Germany, so that alone makes it well worth a visit. But if you love gaming you’ll love the casino as well. For the sophisticated guest, you’ll enjoy the fact that they have a dress code and admission fees, in order to make sure that only serious gamers enter the building.
• The Venetian Macao Resort Hotel, Macau – Macau is a lot like Las Vegas. They know how to treat high rollers the right way. You can visit Banyan Tree, Hotel Okura, Sofital, or Altira, and have an amazing time. But the Venetian is definitely high up there on this list, with spacious suites, delicious restaurants, and of course great gaming options. For reference, it is the largest casino in the world, the largest hotel in Asia, and the 7th largest building by floor space.
• The Ritz Casino, in London – It should not be that surprising that a casino in London called “The Ritz” is perhaps one of the classiest casinos in the modern world. It is open to guests that stay at the Ritz in London. It is one of the few places where you can find private gaming, along with top tier service and atmosphere.
• Atlantis Resort Casino, Bahamas – Many of our private jet clients at evoJets fly into the Bahamas for a vacation, not simply gaming, but want gaming to be a part of that experience. Atlantis is one of the best locations for this type of experience, because it has not only a casino and an excellent hotel, but also golf, dining, a water park, and much more. It is an enjoyable location for the family, as well as for oneself.
Casino resorts understand what it means to please the customer, and the resorts above are no exception. Contact us today to find out more about evoJets private charter flight services to anywhere in the world.


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