Best buildings to work in

To build an amazing office you have to start with a great building then the layout of the office space can follow (Click here to see how office spaces have evolved since the 20th century). It doesn’t have to be big and it doesn’t have to be impressive, but it does have to be clever and use all of the space available as efficiently as possible. If you find the right commercial property for rent you could be a few great ideas away from designing an amazing office space for you and your business. Furthermore, in recent years it’s no secret that office life as we know it has changed. The current trend for shared office spaces for example such as JustCo共同工作空間 shows no sign of slowing down, and as a result of this, businesses are adapting accordingly. Coworking spaces offer various benefits too – from increased opportunities for natural collaboration, to reduced overhead costs, there are lots of reasons why things are changing. Ultimately though, there are some fantastic examples of such buildings around the world that make the most of what they’ve got, so maybe they could offer you some inspiration:

Seglas Cano Architecture Office – Spain

A great building doesn’t have to big big, and there’s no better work space to demonstrate that than the office of Seglas Cano Architecture. Their office consists of a total of four tables. The maximum amount of employees you could probably comfortably fit in this office is twelve. But, all of these details only serve to make this office even more coveted and exclusive. Imagine a glass bunker in the middle of a forest and you’d come close to understanding how clever and beautiful this office building is. Half of this office is situated below ground level and 25%of the building consists of one, long window that looks out across the forest floor. Working here feels like you’re working outside and all of the natural light makes for one cosy, beautiful building. If you do end up moving into a building like this, have someone similar to DS Carriers Removals Glasgow at hand to help you move in. I hear they do a fantastic job!

Inventionland- America

Inventionland isn’t necessarily to everyone’s taste, but if you love all things quirky and creative then you would wish that you lived in this office permanently. The inventionland building was designed to inspire creativity and it seems that in every different direction you look you can see a different idea coming to life. You can dip your feet in a blue lagoon next to a pirate ship, climb into a cosy treehouse, discover a secret waterfall, type up a presentation in a house made of cakes or storm a miniature castle in a quest to save that document you’d been meaning t save. This office is an example of a very basic space being transformed into something incredible thanks to innovative design and imagination.

Huaxin Business Centre – China

When you put a building in a green, natural space you have to make the most of the environment an blend it with the architecture. While Seglas Cano did this by moving the office down, the Huaxin Business centre achieved this by moving the whole building up. To be more specific, the whole building is on stilts and a park runs underneath it, making the building feel like a flouting treehouse. There are wooden walkways underneath and around them as well as a whole range of greenery. The business centre consists of only one level, the stilts that hold it up are mirrors and the walls are mostly glass with only sparse covering. It feels as though the building is practically a part of the park it looms over. This is another amazing example of a building being creative and making the most of the space they have.