Awesome thrill seeking locations

You don’t have to be a diehard adrenaline junkie to want a little more adventure out of life(although it does help), and with many of these thrill seeking locations around the world, the adventure activity is merely the cherry on top of an incredible vacation at a fantastic destination.

Like any physical exertion, taking care of yourself should be your number one priority when it comes to seeking out adventure. Not only does this mean paying attention to things like health and safety when at your destination, but it also extends to the gear and clothing you take with you. A compression shirt is a good investment for anyone who does physical activity, but especially if you’re thinking of heading out on an adventure. Tommie Copper has a wide range of shirts available, that get great reviews for their support, comfort, and sizing.


Namibia is an awe-inspiring destination for any traveler. After you’ve spent time on safari, stalking big cats, be sure to visit the dunes of Swakopmund, where thrill seekers can sandboard in the kind of landscape you might normally associate with sci-fi films. Alternatively, you can try your hand at ATV quad biking. Head to South Africa and amid the wine tasting and whale watching, you can attempt the world’s highest bungee jump at Plettenberg Bay. Still not satisfied? Explore Tsitsikamma National Park via zip line, and view the incredible rainforest through the eyes of a tree-swinging monkey.

New Zealand

Queenstown is undoubtedly New Zealand’s capital of adventure, and that really is saying something in this thrill seeking and loving country. The opportunities to seek out adventure here run the gamut from skiing in the winter to canyon swinging, horseback riding, river rafting, sky diving, and yes, more bungee jumping. Surrounded by stunning vistas and breathtaking landscapes, this is the ultimate destination for thrill seekers.


Europe may be best known for its history and culture, but there are nevertheless a number of places on the hit list for any adventure junkies out there. Madeira in Portugal is best known for its sunshine and wine, but is also one of the continent’s premier surfing spots, and also offers up ample trekking opportunities, including along mist-wreathed volcanic ridges.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica offers up plenty of places for spills and thrills, along with excellent ecological credentials, and a wonderfully laid back way of life exemplified in its unofficial motto of pura vida, or pure life. Around Arenal is where you should head for adrenaline pumping experiences where not only can you take on mountain biking, and trekking, but also zip lining. Don’t forget to observe the lava coming off Arenal Volcano at night (yes, it’s active), for a truly once in a lifetime experience, before heading over to La Fortuna, a small town nearby where you’ll be able to treat yourself to a dip in the hot springs.

Adventure can be found pretty much anywhere you choose to look, but there are certainly a few areas of the world that reward thrill seekers more than others. Wherever you head on your big adventure, you’ll be sure to make memories that last a lifetime, and experience thrills that set your spirit soaring.


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