Are Cruises Still In?

Cruises used to be considered old fashioned, frequented by grandmothers and pension people with nothing else to do with their lives. Cruises offered these oldies a quiet pampering atmosphere, a slow game of shuffleboard, poker games, never ending meals and stand up comics for entertainment. Sort of like the hotels in the Catskills in upstate New York.

Cruises today are considered the “in” thing. And why not? Cruises offer everything a hotel vacation provides and more. You wake up each morning to a new and exciting adventure. Cruises offer a choice of restaurants, entertainment and different destinations. Who wouldn’t be interested?

The choice of cruises is daunting, with thousands of different itineraries reaching a myriad of ports around the world. Some cruises reach islands you have never even heard of. Whatever your taste and flavor, there is a cruise designed for you.

Adventure and Excitement

Depending on your goal, cruises allow you to take on as much excitement as you can handle. The true adventurist can choose to sightsee at every port of call. Or you can remain on board where you can attend lectures, work out on gym equipment, luxuriate in the spa, have a massage or simply sit poolside sunbathing or reading. When the sun goes down, you can enjoy shows, games or a quiet evening under the stars.

Modern cruise ships have certainly advanced over the last decade and now offer more than just a stateroom. Premier rooms have balconies and large windows, rather than the old fashioned smaller port holes. Beds are now larger and much more luxurious than in the past and can accommodate up to six persons making them suitable to families as well as couples.

Focus on Food

People on vacation seem to eat more than they do at home while going about their daily routine. So food has taken on an importance of its own. Today’s cruises offer a variety of international selections. On many cruises, each evening is dedicated to a different local food fare, such as Mexican, Japanese or South American. Cruisers can even select a gluten free or vegan menu.

One of the best things about cruises is its relaxed and laid back atmosphere. Dressing down is the name of the game and you can wear whatever suits your mood. There are some sticklers for protocol that will insist on wearing a suit to dinner and that’s just fine.

Many cruises follow a particular theme such as a bridge terminal or a poetry competition. Others offer special onboard programs that enrich your lives in other ways. Become a wine connoisseur or an expert antique dealer, learn about regional cooking, horticulture, music and animals. Take the time to learn chess or enjoy a good game of poker.

Cruises are not only for newlyweds off on their honeymoon. Cruise liners provide the ideal venue for families and friends to spend quality time together. Planning the different aspects of the cruise together and spending time together in a relaxing, exciting atmosphere is an exciting way to celebrate a family event and a terrific bonding experience.

Vacations today can be quite expensive, but cruises are more economical than hotel stays and are all inclusive. Experienced travelers claim that after experiencing just one cruise, you will never choose another way to spend your holidays.

Cina Coren is a contributing editor at and a freelance travel blogger.