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Amsterdam, a great tourist destination in Europe has for years been also named the party capital of Europe. Millions of tourists flock this city yearly as the city is home to thousands of a must see attractions that range from renowned museums, historical monuments and the great part culture and affordability of the city. For tourists who love stag weekends, Amsterdam is their paradise. Amsterdam has also served as the center of fashion industry and has come up with great fashion brands like the Iris, Gsus and G star. Besides the amazing nightlife, you will also love the delicious food, sightseeing in the beautiful parks, unique museums, picturesque canals and much more. Every tourist is concerned about accommodation, in Amsterdam, this should not worry you much, these are some of Amsterdam best and affordable accommodation options that you can consider.


Amsterdam has many hostels that offer accommodation services for tourists visiting the region, prices vary depending on the type of hostel you opt for, most hostels are either single, two shared or quad shared. The price decreases with increase in the number of heads per room. Most hostels are dormitory oriented while some facilities like toilets and bathrooms are shared. Rooms are quite spacious and feature single or double beds depending on once preference and choice. Hostels are quite affordable especially if you are traveling as a group or as a family. Flying Pig Uptown Hostel is one of the best hostels you will find in Amsterdam.

Budget hotels

Amsterdam has a good number of budget hotel that will best suit you as a budget traveler. Most of these hotels are cheap and quite affordable and will work well even with a constrained budget. Budget hotels in Amsterdam are safe and most are conveniently located near the city center. Tourist attraction sites are also a stone throw away. These hotels feature well furbished rooms though some facilities like toilets and bathrooms are shared, some even having frameless shower doors. It is a common misconception that because some accommodations are affordable, some people may assume that where they stay may not be good enough. This may be true for some places, but you never know if you don’t try. A friend of mine recently stayed at a hotel, which was rated 3 stars online, but when she visited, she loved it! For her, it wasn’t about how many stars the hotel had, but what facilities she was able to use when she was there. As long as she had all the essentials, that was good enough for her. When it came to the hotel’s bathroom, she was even that inspired my the aesthetics that she looked into reading something like the toto ultramax ii review by ToiletReviewer, as she was considering making a change in her own bathroom at home. You can’t always go off what other people have said. Even if it may be a good indication, to make up your own mind, it is important for you to see it for yourself. In booking a budget hotel you will have the option for a single bed or a bunk bed for two thus you can sleep in pairs and save more. Hotel Belington is one of the flashiest budget hotels in the city and a night will cost approximately 50 Euros (image by marriott01).

Graybit Around the World RTW -Travel family vacation fun stuff to do - Affordable Accommodation Options in Amsterdam hotel

If you are considering to stay in an apartment, then you don’t have to worry, Amsterdam has a variety of convenient and self catering apartments that you can choose from depending on your budget and personal preferences. Most apartments are quite affordable and feature private bathroom and lavatories, fully equipped kitchen, and well furbished rooms. They are also located in prime locations just near the towns. Most apartments are company managed and some good companies will even cater for your special needs. A good example is the ABB apartments (Albay BB), which some of the most affordable apartments in Amsterdam.

Youth hostels

youth hostels are also some good accommodation option in Amsterdam, most of them are dormitory oriented and you have to share some facilities like toilets and bathrooms but you don’t have to worry as they are well maintained throughout the day. Youth hostels are cheap and quite affordable; most of them are located near the city thus giving you an upper hand in terms of convenience. Major attractions are also in close proximity. You will love to meet and interact with fellow travelers, backpackers as well students. Youth hostels are quite cheap and you will approximately pay 16 to 31 Euros per person.

Amsterdam is a nice place to visit, you don’t have to worry much as far as spending on accommodation is concerned, but ensure that you make your reservations early. Other cheap affordable accommodation like couch surfing and R BnB are easily available and will see you save more, you can get a couch surfing home from the internet but ensure you know about couch surfing and R BnB travel tips. Equipped with these places in mind, you are good to go for a vacation in Amsterdam.


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