A Traveler’s Guide for Considering UK Airport Safe Parking

London is one of the most romantic and fascinating cities around the planet. The city is the center of all the beauties and breathtaking scenes of the planet especially art, fashion, architecture, education, politics, media, and entertainment. You can get into and from London City Airport by several methods like driving on your car, so this is when the parking options introduced, just like Stansted parking from Holiday Extras. Bear in mind that those parking options are your lifeline for you to enjoy your holiday trip in and out of the city. These three airports allow you, as a traveler, for having benefits from quick turnaround, and safe parking.

Heathrow Airport
Is one of the busiest airports around the planet where the inescapable destination of about 70 millions of travelers every year. Their parking options for traveling via this airport are as follows:
1) Long stay – this is best suited for those travelers who are taking long vacations and trips and designed for catering the needs of those travelers who are traveling for an extended period. This service is also open all year round with free courtesy coach service that connects to any designated terminals.
2) Business parking – usually caters the needs of business travelers. Their location is very close to the terminals for faster and frequent access for transfer service just to meet the demands of those business concepts.
3) Short stay – is available in every terminal and its location is just a short distance from the terminal. This service is well – suited for those who are staying mostly for 4 – 6 hours only, safe, and extremely convenient.
4) Heathrow Valet Parking – is the best Heathrow parking option when wanting the convenient way of just dropping your vehicle at their terminal forecourt and has it delivered back after your trip. This option is also perfect for those who are traveling with large luggage and accompanied by family members.

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Safer to park in authorized airport parking

Bristol Airport
This is a commercial airport at the North Somerset’s Lulsgate Bottom serves as the public transportation for passengers with flying instructions. Every year, this airport accommodates 50 millions of travelers. Their parking options, just as Holiday Extras offer Bristol Airport parking, for traveling via this airport are as follows:
1) On an off parking – passengers that are traveling for more than few days recommends to have a long – term option. Serviced by regular shuttle bus, takes you straight to their terminal building. They will run often depending on your option.
2) A ‘meet & greet’ service – are perfect for starting your holiday as you would not have the hassles for finding car park and using a courtesy coach.
Stansted Airport
This is one of the fastest growing airports in the planet with an average of over 32 million of travelers every year. Their parking options, like Stansted parking from Holiday Extras for traveling via this airport are as follows:
1) Short stay parking – requires no advance booking and aimed in providing services for those who are dropping passengers off and picking them up. It is also very close to their main terminal and has a £ 2.60 charge fee for an hour.
2) Mid stay parking – are just a 5 – minute drive from the terminal by a shuttle bus and will cost you a £ 12.50 per day. Even, you did not book it in advance, still the parking space is a 100% guaranteed.
3) Long stay parking – incorporates the greatest deal of security with monitored CCTV (closed circuit) coverage, regular patrols, and high security fencing.

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Why do you need to consider using airport parking?
Airport parking is the last of your worries when you are planning for a vacation or holiday trip. You should expect that getting to any airports would be your biggest headache, so take your chance for checking in your car for airport parking. Airport parking has many benefits and these are as follows:
1) You will not need to inconvenient your friend for asking them to take you or pick you up to the airport. Remember that delays on your return flight could even inconvenient them even more, so you opt for using airport parking.
2) From a selfish point of view when asking a favor from a friend, you should return the favor, so if they take and pick you up it is your obligation to do the same.
3) You will need to pay the fare if you are driving a car. Fare is expensive especially during rush hours or late at night.
4) By leaving your car at the airport’s parking lot, it is safer to use their security facilities than the comfort of your driveway.
5) You will not need to lug heavy suitcases into buses, trains, taxis, and even through busy terminals.