A look at the safest countries in Europe to visit

When it comes to travelling or going on holiday in Europe, it is important that you always have safety on your mind. Whether you’re traveling alone or with family, safety is one of the biggest factors that many people consider when it comes to choosing the country. It is highly likely that you are going to do a lot of online travel research before you travel and more often than not, finding the safest country is the most important part. While there are ways that you can ensure your safety when you travel to Europe such as ensuring that you have an EHIC by renewing it at www.ehic.co.uk in case you are injured or fall ill while on holiday, there are a few different ways that you can find out what the safest countries to visit are.


According to the GPI, Iceland is the safest country in Europe, but also the safest country in the world. The crime rate in Iceland is extremely low, and while this may be because the country has just 350,000 people living there in total, there are many reasons why. Icelandic police don’t carry guns, and most safety warnings in the country are cautions on getting lost while hiking or being caught in bad weather conditions. There are many fantastic reasons why you should visit Iceland, particularly if you’re a big fan of nature, and heading to the lagoons and experiencing the warmth of the locals are some of the best reasons.


Denmark is one of the top happiest countries in the world and because of this, it is one of the safest countries in the world, yet alone Europe to visit. Violent crimes are very rare and other crimes such as pick-pocketing are quite uncommon and when they do happen this is only in the most touristy areas. You can explore all sorts of fairy-tale castles, explore the multi-coloured houses, and ride a bike through Copenhagen when you go.

Czech Republic

This country has been a popular destination for backpackers especially for many years, but now the country is beginning to open up to families and other travellers. IT is one of the Europe’s safest countries with low crime rates, and a very low risk of terrorism – or even public demonstrations for that matter. While petty crimes can occur in the larger cities, such as pick-pocketing, this can happen in almost any country in the world and so is not something that you should be frightened of – just make sure that you zip pockets and take normal precautions. Czech Republic has plenty of history to explore, will hilltop castes and low prices to enjoy while you’re there.


This historic hub, often used for sets in Game of Thrones is full of sunshine, historical monuments and art for all visitors to enjoy. With low crimes rates, and any crime against tourists being a rare occurrence, Malta is the perfect destination for a beach holiday complete with plenty of things to do whether you’re travelling with family, as a couple or on your own.